To endorse Russian Propaganda is to endorse Christian Genocide
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4 thoughts on “To endorse Russian Propaganda is to endorse Christian Genocide”

  1. Brother, you’re breaking my heart…
    Know this is all difficult for you as it is for me. Can’t believe so MANY Catholics support this evil of Putin’s. It’s heart-breaking. EVERYONE knows Putin’s history and general Russian history of the last century while knowing little or nothing about Ukraine and Zelinskyy. Even so, THEY BELIEVE THE PRO Liars trained by the KGB. Unbelievable. Fast and Pray!!!

    1. I am just laying out the facts. And restating the Christian principles. Better to hear them now and get upset with me and repent later, than hear them in the hour of Judgement when there is no opportunity to repent, and Satan comes with delight to strip your soul from your flesh for so grave a sin, unrepented of. To endorse or support genocide is a total violation of Christian Charity, and the One who condemned the priest and levite for leaving the man along the side of the road, will surely blast such demons with Hell Fire on the Last Day. And I pray that I am worthy to rejoice to see that day!

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