The Satanic Plot to keep you thinking Covid-19 is a virus, rather than a venom

Editor’s Note: This shows why the plot to genocide mankind, required getting rid of Pope Benedict XVI and replacing him with a fake Pope to push the DNA of snakes into humans, so that they would have the Mark of the Beast, who in the Apocalypse is a Dragon or Serpent. This report confirms everything FromRome.Info has been publishing since 2014.

This also explains how you can be poisoned by someone who has been DeathVaxxed, by close proximity whereby you contract the snake poison produced by the DeathVaxx mRNA.

Finally, if anyone reading this knows Stew Peters, I would ask that, since he has aired this report which names Bergoglio, that he do the right thing by us Catholics by allowing someone familiar with the frauds at the Vatican since 2013 to tell the world who Bergoglio is and how the Globalists put him in power, and how he does not represent the Catholic Church or religion at all.

UPDATE: As for April 13, 2022, this video on Rumble alone has had over 1,000,000 views!

UPDATE: The above video appears to be only part of a fuller documentary:

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41 thoughts on “The Satanic Plot to keep you thinking Covid-19 is a virus, rather than a venom”

  1. I watched it all. I have one concern . At the end, Dr. Addis shows a COVID home test strip placed in running tap water, the test strip turns red, meaning it’s positive ? But Reiner Fullmich and others point out that the PCR tests are fraudulent, the test can show a positive result on a cantaloupe.

    Dr Addis must explain why he trusts the PCR test when we all know they’re designed to trick people into getting the jab. I have doubts about his thesis, I.e., that tap water is a conduit for the COVID organism.

    1. The video is by Stew Peters. He probably uses the video clip for illustration and to spark discussion. It implies nothing about nothing.

    2. There have been video clips where a person has shone a blue light on a RAT test straight out of the package and the positive line was visible under the light before the RAT had any fluid body or otherwise applied. If the link can be located I will post.

      1. Two lines of antibodies are attached on a cellulose membrane of the test strip: a control line and a test line. They are made of proteins that absorb in UV wavelength. Visibility of under of UV light is something completely normal.
        It depends on the concentration of the antigen (the specimen you need to detect) in the sample that makes test positive or negative. Test is positive if the concentration of antigen is above a pre determined cut-off level and only then the test line becomes visible under normal light. But you can not conclude if the test is positive or negative only by observation of undeveloped test under UV light. What you see is a structure of the test strip, not the result.
        If you check a pregnancy test or a drug test you will observe the same situation.
        I hope this clarifies a bit.

  2. Am NOT a Medical Dr. and wondered if this were possible before now. With Monoclonal Antibodies which I knew were Antivenom due to being present for a person suffering snakebite…I wondered what of the virus came from a toxin. Just didn’t put the puzzle completely together. What a genius…Makes me smile because it’s about time somebody got it. Makes PERFECT sense.
    YOU WERE CORRECT!!! Praise God, someone figured it out.

    1. Yes, it is a marvelous investigation. He uses the principles of propaganda analysis. I also concluded it was not a virus nor biological, but some toxin, sprayed or distributed locally. This also explains how they target non Vaxxers and assassinate them Strangely, the DoD has been urging soldiers in Ukraine to prepare for Russian chemical attacks, the cure for which is antivenom….

  3. This coronavirus shots are brainwashed thinking they cured Coronavirus but it really destroyed your body organs .

    1. Both the “virus”, and the “vaccine” have the ability to disrupt iron homeostasis, in certain susceptible persons, resulting in hypoxia similar to what snake venom does.

      It is important to note that the “snake” in the Bible refers to the toxic erroneous belief that destroys both body and soul, “that ye can be like god, declaring what is good and evil”, apart from God.
      Our Blessed Mother is The Destroyer Of All Heresy, and thus She “crushes the head of the serpent”, and affirms the Filioque.

      The evidence points to the addition of a receptor on the spike protein of bat virus 1, creating through a GOF, a new and more contagious bat virus 2, that can disrupt iron homeostasis further in those who already have diseases of iron homeostasis disruption.

      Sorry I cannot use certain words as they end up being flagged but hopefully you recognize that iron homeostasis is necessary for both health and fighting disease, and when it comes to iron homeostasis, FURIN regulates HEPCIDIn which regulates IRON. It is about the correct balance of F, H, and Iron.

  4. Do you know that a virus is your body’s way of detoxing from all the harsh chemicals in the food air water that the banking kabal has been releasing into and poisoning the world with. Do you know That a virus has no nucleus, and acts as a soap to cleanse your body for detoxification of your bodies organs . WHY does the so called truth community still perpetuate the globalist lies on viruses?

  5. This certainly lifts the veil further.

    Dr Ardis’ enthusiasm for monoclonal antibodies leaves me unsettled. He is obviously not Catholic – he comes across as anti-Catholic as he sees it – but appears to be a devout Protestant.

    Surely he would know that monoclonal antibody treatments generally were developed using, tested on and may even be produced using aborted fetal tissue cells?

    Certainly explains the significance of the UK’s COBRA meetings:

    COVID-19 may be an abbreviation of cobra venom inflammatory disease. The significance of 19 was explained in the video – 19 peptide proteins from snake venom that target 19 specific organs or systems in the body to take out whichever is weakest first.

    1. Using monoclonal antibodies to treat venom effects is like sacrificing children to the serpent.

      1. If you listen carefully, he never spoke in favor of them. He only pointed out their similarity to polyconal antibodies used in antivenom.

    2. And let’s not forget that bizarre “Covfefe” comment/tweet DT made (CObra Venom, For Everyone, For Ever?) that we were told was “only understood by a small group of people” and occurred on 05/31 of 2017, long before this stuff even started! Strongs 531 greek is aparabatos: inviolable , the word for ‘permanently” or “unchangeable” and occurs only once in Scripture. The curse from the MAGA king went out that day predicting Permanently forked DNA with that of the serpent. Humanity married to the serpent forever.

      1. Trump made a cryptic comment that immediately drew attention and became a meme. The exact tweet was as follows “Despite the constant negative press COVFEFE” the president inexplicably wrote just after midnight.” Many thought it a typo. Myself as well as others did not.

        The media seized on the word, mocking him -and jokingly referred to it as “revelatory” in nature (interestingly.) It made it on to tshirts, coffee cups, late night comedian skits, etc. A full search of Covfefe on google or other search engine reveals very interesting reactions but essentially Trump had coined the phrase “COVFEFE”. No one knew what he meant and he refused to define it or explain it. Sean Spicer the then American press secretary responded to inquiry by declaring that he believed “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.”

        I believe that is most certainly true among the elite as they often must “tell their plans” in advance as you have often pointed out in order to bring their satanic plans to fruition.

        Trump then doubled down on the word Covfefe when questioned and challenged the world to define it.

        “Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!” -Trump

        (Interestingly the covfefe tweet/curse went out exactly 666 full days before 03/29/19 which was a high occultic date evident to those who have studied on 923 or 329 the ‘sign of the woman and the dragon.’)

        Nothing ever happens by coincidence but God’s sovereignty is visible to us when we search for it.

        Thank you Br. Bugnolo for everything you do and your ministry. We are all blessed by it exceedingly and are praying for you!

      2. Actually, the word Trump used was in dictionaries prior to use, but after he used it, the liberals took it out of all online dictionaries. Someone wrote a report documenting this.

  6. Wow! I am blown away at the scope of this evil. I knew it was very evil but this is evil on steroids.
    I have known that according to the testimony of an Orthodox priest on Mount Athos (Greece) that during an exorcism, the Demon said under obedience, that they inspired the plan for the “vaccine” in a (Masonic) lodge in America. I took some screen shots of it.
    The original video testimony was about a monk who took the vaccine and with great difficulty, was barely able to repent. It was stated that once people were fully vaccinated, many would be unable to repent.
    The monk realized that the demons were able to penetrate his spiritual armor and get real close and personal. It stated to him that they were inside him because he had the blood of aborted children running through his veins and he would no longer be able to repent because the monk belonged to them. After about a month, the monk, with much prayer and difficulty was able to confess and be restored to a life of grace.
    His monk confessor/superior on Mount Athos, told him that he must give his testimony to warn the faithful against not taking the “vaccine” but unfortunately (and predictably) was removed by YouTube. It was reposted by another Orthodox user but slightly edited to use “V” instead of vaccine to avoid getting ensnared by the algorithm reposted. I am trying to find the reposted video and will share if I can locate it.
    Thank you for your tireless work Brother B in getting at the truth to save souls. May Our Lady and St Michael keep you safe from the evil one.

  7. Megadittos Afgunny.

    “Thank you for your tireless work Brother B in getting at the truth to save souls. May Our Lady and St Michael keep you safe from the evil one.”

    Let us pray Br. Alexis gets interviewed asap.

  8. The real antidote to all of this will be Our Lady. Pray for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart, She who “has been given the power to crush the head of Satan(the Serpent).”

  9. COVID is a bio engineered bio weapon. I have forwarded the link to many friends and family. I am without words to describe how I feel. My soul is so very sad. The Antichrist is having his hour. The antipope is Satan’s servant. The antichurch is leading untold numbers of souls to Hell.

    What will we do when this jab begins to shed, or when it shows up in our water and food supply?

    I fear death and destruction is on the horizon. Why would not so many popes not heed Our Lady of Fatima? Sin will destroy the soul. The Death Jab will send many to the their physical deaths. This MNRA jab is definitely the Mark of the Beast. The “vaccine” is only designed to kill- some quickly, and others in time.

    My family and I will never get the Jab.

    Whenever such a weapon is unleashed, it is impossible to put the proverbial cat back into the bag.

    What evil has entered into the hearts and souls of men?

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us!

    1. Get reverse osmosis filtration systems for every tap you drink from. I think these should be able to filter out peptides which are rather large molecules.

  10. In the meantime it is good to remember that Satan is not allowed to really harm us. That is why people do it in his lieu. Which is why it all doesn’t seem to go according to plan. But they surely play the scare game.. God heals and sustains the world.. despite Bergoglios and the like. Which shows Benedict XVI being the man of faith..

    1. Satan can only harm us if God permits, which God sometimes does when we abandon Him for our own persuits, thinking we know better or can withstand Satan on our own.

  11. So, Bryan Ardis says that the “vaccines” are really a natural and synthetic poisonous snake venom? If so, does that make the vaccines “bioweapons” – and bioweapons directed at us? Can people I love – my vaccinated sons and grandchildren, my siblings, and all my other relatives and friends be saved by an anti-venom: hydroxychloroquine? If so, how long will it take for the plodding online media to let all of us know that and where we can buy it?

    1. I am not a doctor, so I cannot answer your questions. But Dr. Ardis does not say that the vaccines are natural snake venom. In this video he says they contain humanized artificial molecules modeled from toxins in snake venom, if I understood him correctly.

      1. An interview with both Bryan Ardis and Dr. Zelenko would probably clarify the details of the “vaccine”-venom contents. Dr. Zelenko has been promoting hydroxychloroquine instead of the vaccines. If he and Ardis can agree on its effectiveness against the vaccine-venom, I’ll want to buy it for everyone in my family and all my other relatives and friends. Thanks for the info.

  12. In a 3 part interview with “Health Ranger” Mike Adams, Dr Artis goes into great detail about his research, findings and conclusions. In that interview, Dr Artis also provides an extensive presentation of his research.
    To me, that 3 part interview series was much better than the drastically shortened version on the Stew Peters Show. The Stew Peters interview does not do Dr Artis credit, on the contrary, it leads the viewer to believe that there is either research nor proof of the venom theory.

    You can find the 3 part interview (1 hour each) on, as well as links to it on Mike Adams numerous websites.

  13. I’m not sure I understand. Please confirm or correct me. 🙏

    Covid is more than just a bad flu. It’s snake venom poisoning, which poison was administered either by tap water, Remdesivir, and/or the ‘vaccine’? And nicotine reduces the symptoms? I’m ready to believe all of that.

    By the way, this interview took place on the big Satanist/Skull and Bones day: 3/22.

    1. I think it can be administered in any way, by food or injection etc.. Its not snake venom, it is humanized artificial snake venom toxins.

  14. I also think there is more evil than merely snake-bite venom in the v*aax.
    How can they not also include products of abortion?
    And what about those aluminium – barium carbon hydras, which appear to be quasi-alive?
    “Triple evil” in a hypodermic.

    1. Considering how evil these DeathVaxxes are, I considered it highly possible that there is something consecrated to Satan in these Vaxxes, with the purpose of obtaining mass possession over humanity, a thing which St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe foretold.

  15. Brother, can you tell us what St. Maximilian spoke of/foretold regarding the satanic mass possession of humanity that was mentioned in your comment –or refer us to where we can find a resource/book/article/link about this. (I think that’s what was stated above in your comment) thank you!

    1. I read this many years ago, in the English translation of his collected writings — which only existed then in Polish and English — at the end, in the sections about the Role of Our Lady in the End Times. I am sorry that I cannot give a better citation.

    1. He says at the beginning, “The whole purpose here is to make sure we trust ourselves”. So I will let those interested check it out, but I am not going to repost a video by someone who is so confused epistemologically.

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