Now is the Time for Catholics to unite in the anti-Genocide Wars

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Rather than let issues moved by the Globalists control how we think and separate us from one another over issues, intelligent Catholics who love Christ more than themselves, should see the present opportunity of the increased rhetoric against Genocide as an occasion to unite forces for an all out global information war and legal war against perpetrators of Genocide of all kinds.

Abortion, Scamdemic, DeathVaxx and the classical examples of genocide perpetrated by Turkey against Armenia, by the Nazi Regime against Poles (5.9 Million confirmed) ,  or Rwanda etc..

If Russia should be held responsible for the hundreds if not thousands of civilians murdered on sight, for being Ukrainian, HOW MUCH MORE should those involved in approving, promoting, funding, and perpetrating the murders of 100s of millions in Abortion and through dangerous medical protocols and death serums be held accountable.

This is an opportunity of a life time, for real Catholic warriors to unite and Crusade together. Be one! Join the fight!

CREDITS: And image of skulls of human beings genocided in Rwanda in 1994 (see source here):

In the USA, the Groomer Wars have begun

Editor’s Note: In the USA, “groomer” is the term for the sexual perverted adult who lures minors into the practice or knowledge of impurity. A recent law forbidding this in public schools in Florida has sparked outrage from the Democrat Party and School Teachers, exposing thus how many perverts have infiltrated the public school system and what perverse and truly diabolical things they have been teaching children as young as kindergarten.

UPDATE: Protests break out in front of Disney facility in the USA.

Japan asks to join the anti-CCP Alliance of Australia, UK and USA

Editor’s Note: This article is in French, alone, alas. But I post it here to test the sincerity of pro-Russians, who accuse Russia’s enemies of being Fascists or Nazis, since this submarine carries the Rising Sun Emblem of Japan. I will bet that they won’t attack, because they know their reasons for pushing the anti-Nazi rhetoric are all make believe propaganda to excuse Russia’s war of aggression.

The DeathVaxx’s overarching goal is Eugenics: To kill the weak, diseased and the stupid

Editor’s Note: In the second video on the page linked above, there is the testimony of a woman who said she was in the MkUltra project. She says that in the 60’s her father was flown to Boston, MA, to be taught by Cardinal Law in mind control. But Bernard Law was not in Massachusetts in those years, as can be seen from his biography at Catholic Hierarchy:

It’s concerning, if not disturbing, that there are so many voices of the anti-Vaxx movement who are coordinating an attack on the Catholic Church with the purpose of blaming Her for the Great Reset. This would be the perfect dream of Freemasonry and the Illuminati, whose neck is on the block, for having perpetrated everything in the Scamdemic and prepared for it for 200 years.  So I would be very cautious with these voices and demand they give us Catholics a fair hearing and stop censoring us from the anti-Vaxx anti-Globalist movement.

Fake BBC Video behind Russian Propaganda claims on Kramatorsk, Railway Station Attack

Editor’s Note: Everyone who relied on the Missile’s serial number were hoodwinked from the get go! You see, in information warfare, you do not believe anything until you can establish a chain of custody of the information from the claimed source to the information you find on social media. If YOU cannot establish such a chain of custody, then YOU are morally responsible for sharing what could be a total lie. And that is a mortal sin which merits damnation.  For God hates all liars. And Satan was a liar and murderer from the beginning.

UPDATE ON May 22, 2022

Full report here of the forensic investigation in Ukrainian:

Back in April, video was available on social media to confirm this:

Rorate Caeli and Novus Ordo Watch identities exposed at last

Editor’s Note: Rorate Caeli started as the site which praised Pope Benedict XVI to the skies. But as soon as March 28, 2013 hit, it began a new editorial policy of condemning the Holy Father for betraying the Church. Since that time, though it was the first to sound warnings about Bergoglio, it has become an ardent bastion of Bergoglio-is-certainly-the-Pope.  Well it turns out that this principal behind the site, whom I believe is New Catholic — since I have exchanged emails with the man before and know his characteristic way of reacting — formerly worked for a Congressman who was involved in pedophilia. I think the public needs to ask Rorate Caeli why they defend Bergoglio so staunchly, now that the identity of their principal has been exposed. — This report also confirms what my colleague AJ Baalman and I have discussed several times over at Ordo Militaris Ratio TV, namely, that in the English speaking world, the Catholic Media who insist the Renunciation not be investigated, all have ties with Washington, D. C., in some manner. And that should concern everyone that whose really behind this denial is the CIA and its handlers.