Now is the Time for Catholics to unite in the anti-Genocide Wars

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Rather than let issues moved by the Globalists control how we think and separate us from one another over issues, intelligent Catholics who love Christ more than themselves, should see the present opportunity of the increased rhetoric against Genocide as an occasion to unite forces for an all out global information war and legal war against perpetrators of Genocide of all kinds.

Abortion, Scamdemic, DeathVaxx and the classical examples of genocide perpetrated by Turkey against Armenia, by the Nazi Regime against Poles (5.9 Million confirmed) ,  or Rwanda etc..

If Russia should be held responsible for the hundreds if not thousands of civilians murdered on sight, for being Ukrainian, HOW MUCH MORE should those involved in approving, promoting, funding, and perpetrating the murders of 100s of millions in Abortion and through dangerous medical protocols and death serums be held accountable.

This is an opportunity of a life time, for real Catholic warriors to unite and Crusade together. Be one! Join the fight!

CREDITS: And image of skulls of human beings genocided in Rwanda in 1994 (see source here):

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2 thoughts on “Now is the Time for Catholics to unite in the anti-Genocide Wars”

  1. Right on. Bingo. Home run. Opportunity of millenniums.
    Sorry for being blunt. tact and English are not my forte

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