The DeathVaxx’s overarching goal is Eugenics: To kill the weak, diseased and the stupid

Editor’s Note: In the second video on the page linked above, there is the testimony of a woman who said she was in the MkUltra project. She says that in the 60’s her father was flown to Boston, MA, to be taught by Cardinal Law in mind control. But Bernard Law was not in Massachusetts in those years, as can be seen from his biography at Catholic Hierarchy:

It’s concerning, if not disturbing, that there are so many voices of the anti-Vaxx movement who are coordinating an attack on the Catholic Church with the purpose of blaming Her for the Great Reset. This would be the perfect dream of Freemasonry and the Illuminati, whose neck is on the block, for having perpetrated everything in the Scamdemic and prepared for it for 200 years.  So I would be very cautious with these voices and demand they give us Catholics a fair hearing and stop censoring us from the anti-Vaxx anti-Globalist movement.

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10 thoughts on “The DeathVaxx’s overarching goal is Eugenics: To kill the weak, diseased and the stupid”

  1. Thus, a fair hearing means Br. Alexis or Patrick Coffin talking to Stew Peter’s to let the public know that BXVI is the Pope. I pray this can happen.

  2. I, too, noticed that many alt media commentators on the vacks subject are overtly or subtly anti-Catholic. Our Lady of Fatima’s triumph means that people and nations will convert to the Catholic Church. Catholics need to speak up about this. These anti-vackser anti-Catholics may win their political battles and Satan will let them win, as long as they stay outside the Catholic Church and encourage others to stay outside the Catholic Church with them. Which is ultimately a loss for the Kingdom of God.

  3. Peace to you, Br. Alexis, and May God bless your Holy Week & Easter.

    Yes! Thank you for pointing out this problem among the Anti-Vaxx movement. My lapsed/non/anti-Catholic siblings and other relatives have been salivating, if not frothing at the mouth, over this very topic. Try as I might, I cannot make enough of an impact to get them to understand how far they, themselves, have strayed from Our Lord when they advocate mockery & hatred of His Church.

    Please pray for the faithful Catholics of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis.

  4. Yep I have noticed for quite some time a nasty anti-Catholic strain to the anti-vaxx movement.

  5. “The DeathVaxx’s overarching goal is Eugenics: To kill the weak, diseased and the stupid”

    It is true and it worked. In the former ‘west’ (an open sky shithole now), the STUPID and the weak have run to get injected with poison.

    Theyare so stupid that they even want normal people to follow their submission…

    To be honest, the world and this earth won’t miss the stupid covid cultists.

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