The Goals and Objectives of Russian Propaganda

Editor’s Note: As we have seen in the Scamdemic, Russian Propaganda like Globalist propaganda aims to desensitize its victims to evil and weaponize their emotions against the innocent.

And for those not paying attention, a short review of the reasons for Russia’s war, which shows that there is no stable motivation for it. This makes it difficult for Russian propagandists to get their narrative straight, as they must change with every whim of the Kremlin.

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4 thoughts on “The Goals and Objectives of Russian Propaganda”

  1. Every Hail Mary is like an arrow of sanity in the devils plan to dehumanize the whole world in various ways. Its prayers can expose the effects of the plandemic.
    . I know it sounds ridiculously insane, but a world of Rosary Novenas ( ie 27 Rosaries in petition and 27 in Thanksgiving ) asking for a true and lasting Peace is the way to end Communism and all of the rest of the devils lies.

  2. Didn’t he call it a “country” above, but doesn’t the propaganda also claim it is not a country?

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