In the dead of night, Ukrainians sink Russian Cruiser, “Moskva”, 450 souls feared lost

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a stunning victory, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have succeeded in sinking the flagship of the Russian Federation Navy in the Black See.

The attack seems to have been undertaken shortly after nightfall, at about 8 P. M., Rome time:

The Regional Administrator of Odesa, Ukraine, reported the strike:

And subsequently affirmed that the Moskva was hit by a Ukrainian made Neptune surface to sea missile:

The guided-missile Cruiser began radioing SOS shortly after 10 P. M., Rome Time.

In her distress calls, she signaled that her munitions storage had exploded following an onboard fire.

The Moskva carried large amounts of highly explosive materials, which evidently triggered the post-attack explosion(s):

Her SOS signals went silent at about 2:30 A. M. this morning.

She is manned by a crew of about 500 men.

Turkish and Romanian authorities are now reporting that she has sunk. Slightly more than 50 men were rescued from the raging sea, in the midst of a violent low-pressure cyclone.

Social Media in Eastern Europe is alight, this morning, with cheering from Ukrainians and neighboring nations, who were once under Soviet oppression. This is  a great moral and military victory for Ukraine.

The sinking of the Moskva seems to have been signaled in code by the President of Ukraine, who presented the new stamp showing the ship being withstood by an Ukrainian soldier:

In Russian media there is bitter outrage at the news. Further escalation of the war by the Russians is to be expected in the next few hours, in reprisal for the national disgrace of losing this capital ship.

UPDATE: This prediction was verified by the attacks on the following evening:

UPDATE:  Russian Federation Authorities claimed the ship has not been sunk, but entire crew has been evacuated because of a fire onboard. This was a lie.

UPDATE: The Russians have claimed no more survivors, so it is now certain that nearly 425 men perished in the stormy sea and went to their graves with the Moskva.  Here is the tactics used to take the ship down:

CREDITS: The Featured image is found in the report by SouthFront:

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7 thoughts on “In the dead of night, Ukrainians sink Russian Cruiser, “Moskva”, 450 souls feared lost”

  1. Quatrain V. 62 by Nostradamus
    Blood will rain over the rocks,
    Sun to the East,Saturn to the West:
    Near the ORGONE? war, in Rome a big evil/disease will be seen,
    Ships sunk,and captured the TRIDENT.

    V.62 – Preso il Tridente, a Roma gran male?
    « Centuria V quartina 62 di Nostradamus
    Sulle rocce sangue verrà a piovere,
    Sole ad Oriente,Saturno Occidentale: (2)
    Presso l’ORGONE? guerra,a Roma grande male si vedrà, (3)
    Navi affondate,e catturato il TRIDENTE. (4) »

  2. This will piss Putin right off if true.

    Bad enough jabbed American Boots are on the
    ground in Ukraine,

    The old potato must be removed now. The whole miscreant biden admin must be dragged out now. and take to the barges. The bear will not allow this to go unpunished.

  3. Putin will now do something horrible against Ukraine… He is humiliated and he will take ruthless revenge…

    … God have mercy on those, who has died on all sides, not ready to meet You in eternity…

  4. Fire on board of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva is contained and the risk of further detonation of the ammunition on board is averted, the Russian Defence Ministry has stated.

    1. Until they show pictures of the damaged ship in port, Russian claims stand against those of both Turkey and Romania, that it has sunk.

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