School convinces every student to identify as Trans

Editor’s Note: This is the epitome of mass formation psychosis. Those who did not stand up against the Scamdemic are now reaping the whirlwind of madness.

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2 thoughts on “School convinces every student to identify as Trans”

  1. Demonic, war in plain sight war against God and the family, wicked.

    I have zero love for these “unicorn rainbow pushers”. their agenda is to turn boys into Baphomet’s. men will be rare indeed. God may hate the sin but love the sinner…… the progenitors, mostly “teachers” all taking the minds of innocent children, must not be tolerated. Men are essential. Man & woman he created them the word says. The world needs men and we must stand to protect our children, our boys, so they may become men & fathers.

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