Andrea Cionci speaks on the Difficulty for non-Italians to understand why Benedict XVI is still the pope


“In this interview by Francesco Merolli (Le non-dimissioni di Benedetto XVI. Non praevalebunt) Andrea Cionci explains to the Italian site La Finanza Sul Web how our beloved Benedict XVI only apparently resigned when the Latin text of his resignation is read carefully. Two words ministerium and munus are analyzed in an effort to understand the nature of the act by which Pope Benedict XVI surprised the Church and the whole world back in 2013. There is also a rather daring interpretation of the Bishop Dressed In White. I do not personally agree in toto with Mr. Cionci’s interpretation but I do believe he has a point when he calls our attention to the mirror-like quality of certain aspects of the vision. The rest of the interpretation could be challenged but Mr. Cionci humbly and sincerely admits his own limitations. Yours truly does the same from time to time when rollerblading where angels fear to thread. This is a very interesting exposition and some of the elements presented will be considered in the next post. Due to personal pressures and a bit of bad health, it took me a long time to complete the Italian transcription, unfamiliar as I am with contemporary peninsular parlance –not to mention the fact that I never took dictation in the language of Dante– It was a challenge. I hope the results are half decent for someone who learned Italian mainly reading the great classics of that great culture. Kind corrections welcome.”

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