Dr. Breggin interviews Dr. Bhakdi: The DeathVaxx does make you more stupid

Editor’s Note: Dr. Bhakdi explains why the DeathVaxx is the Mark of the Beast, robbing you of your humanity and free will. — It also contains an excellent explanation for everyone, who knows nothing about biology, of what happens when you take the DeathVaxx and why it will kill you.

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Breggin interviews Dr. Bhakdi: The DeathVaxx does make you more stupid”

  1. I’m fortunate to have been listening to Dr. Bhakdi since pretty early in the plandemic. He is a good and brilliant man! Thank you for this video.

  2. Thanks very much Brother Alexis for posting the above interview. Dr Bhakdi is an courageous advocate for scientific truth, whereas we are surrounded by lies and liars.

    As many people as possible should watch this interview as the so called “covid vaccines” are weapons of mass destruction designed to kill and maim as many people as possible.

    The people behind this covid 19 scam and the ones who coerced people to take these shots will suffer the full wrath of God in the last plagues to be poured out that will soon come upon this Earth.

    They may have made millions or billions in return for destroying their fellow man ,but they will lose their soul in eternal hell.

  3. I agree, I have noticed that not only it makes people more stupid (for example in France they voted for macron again), but it also make some people evil.

    Is that possible?

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