Something is brewing in Italy: Tomorrow is Pope Benedict XVI’s 95th Birthday

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Something is up in Italy. The ATM machines and payment systems for point of sales stopped functioning in all of Italy.

See report:

And for this to happen the day before Pope Benedict XVI’s Birthday, calls to mind a similar event at the Vatican, before he made his Declaratio on Feb. 11, 2013.

For it was in January, that the ATM machines in the Vatican stopped working. And then SWIFT blocked all bank wires to the Vatican City.

Pope Benedict XVI responded by making the appearance of an abdication. And Viola! The ATM machines and SWIFT system began to work again, within 48 hours.

Tomorrow is the 95th Birthday of the reigning Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI. It is also the 3333 day after he left the Vatican on a helicopter bound for Castle Gandolfo.

Me thinks that the Angels of God are sending us a message:  “The Restoration of Pope Benedict XVI is at hand. You think you can persecute the Vicar of Our God with ATM machines! Well we can play the same game, you devils! To remind you of Who is in charge!”

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7 thoughts on “Something is brewing in Italy: Tomorrow is Pope Benedict XVI’s 95th Birthday”

  1. Whether the angels are behind this financial “claw” is up for debate; something comparable manifesting here in the US might raise speculation over Fauci’s getting a step closer to the Chinese house imprisonment of which he is an unabashed admirer.
    May this year’s Sacred Triduum culminate in Christ’s granting reprieve from at least some of the evils engulfing us, spiritual & temporal.

  2. Non-functional ATMs & banks were Freemasonic signals to B16 to “retire”.
    My guess is that Non-functional ATMs etc. today are a signal to Frankenpope that he has outlived his usefulness, because it’s starting to become common knowledge among savvy Catholics that Bergoglio is uncanonically elected, and therefore an antipope we can ignore.
    They want the noticeably hypocritical Bergoglio to retire so a younger, more intelligent, more geopolitically savvy & diplomatic Francis II (or F 2.0) can speed NWO agenda and segue the Catholic Church into the One World Religion, which supports the impending One World Government.
    Maybe “Karma” is about to catch up with Bergoglio? :- D

  3. “Something is brewing” alright! But more likely it NWO preparations to oust Pope Benedict XVI from Italy. Private prophecies say he will go into hiding… until he is found and brutally martyred. Then we will have an interregnum of 25 months or more. Obviously, I see Francis as an anti-pope.

  4. Pray, Fast, Penance, Sacrifice and take the Sacraments. First Fridays, Saturdays. St. Joseph, Terror of Demons; on Wednesdays. No giving up and no losing faith, hope and love.

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