Why the WEF may have told Putin to lose this War

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Occasionally I will publish some highly controversial speculation about current events. I did so recently in my article, “Why the CIA does not want Russia to lose this War“.

And so, for truth sake, now that the war has reached its 51st day, I want to take another angle on what is going on, in this piece: Why the World Economic Forum may have told Putin to lose this War.

First, some facts: In 1996, Putin took his wife and child to Davos, Switzerland, for a summer vacation. In 1997, he was appointed head of the FSB (the successor to the KGB) and from there he rose to power to lead the Russian Federation as de facto autocrat.

It is clear from his statements of lamentation about the dissolution of the Soviet Empire, that Putin wanted reintegration of the former Soviet republics.

Now, I take for granted that Vladimir Putin is not a stupid man. Thus, I must presume that he has prepared to achieve his desires during the last 24 years.

However, as seen from the progress of the Russo-Ukrainian War in the first 51 days, there seems to be an inexplicably intense level of impreparation and incompetence in the Russian Federation War effort.

Now, I never was one to think Russians are stupid or incompetent. Many analysts however hold these views, and others think Russia is so incompetent and the oligarchic government of Putin so corrupt, that the effect is impreparation and incompetence.

But, if anyone knows how corrupt the Russian Federation is, it must be Vladimir Putin. So he could not have been ignorant of the need to protect his armed forces from corruption and incompetence.

Ergo, it must be that he knew this forces were incapable of taking Ukraine, since they could not even take Afghanistan.

Now the narrative being fed us is that the FSB was so corrupt that they misled Putin. But that is hard to accept, because being the former FSB head and having been a life time member of the KGB/FSB, Putin would know that they are corrupt.

So it seems highly improbably that he would leave the FSB to fool him about Ukrainian preparations for war defense.

Therefore, I advance another theory for the motivations of Vladimir Putin, based on how he came to power.

First, Klaus Schwab who founded the WEF admits in his book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that after the Plandemic, they would reduce population world wide by famines and wars they would start.

Schwab in saying this reflects the deeply held satanic views of the Sabbatean Jews and their Frankist (fake Catholic) heirs: to bring about the coming of Armageddon by increasing the immorality of the world, and specifically, as the Illuminati desire, to take the Book of the Apocalypse, written by St. John, as their program of crime.

Among the revelations to St. John, we see the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, which are plague, famine, war and death.

And thus the WEF goals are the Scamdemic, Supply chain disruption, War and genocide of nations.

The DeathVaxx was launched  to achieve Plague and Death.

And so, I think, the Ukrainian war was launched to achieve famine and war.

Now that Vladimir Putin it taking his cues from Schwab was seen in the fact that this war of aggression was launched on the Satanic-Masonic date of Feb. 22, 2022. I predicted this on January 1.

And this war, by attacking Ukraine damages the world supply of sunflower oil, wheat and corn. This will cause famine among 1.2 billion persons, as some reports are estimating.

The other goal to this war has to do with  a little known fact. Namely, that Ukraine’s national bank is NOT part of the Bank of International Settlements international cartel.

The BIS was created by Skull and Bones’ Bankers to accept payments of German War indemnities stated int he Versailles Treaty to end World War I. That treaty was written by Freemasons.

The BIS made a huge profit because the indemnities were never thought to be able to be repaid and thus the debt was repurchased by the Rothschilds for pennies on the dollar, as we say in the USA.

This family now controls the BIS. And the chief function originally of this bank was to act as a mediator between belligerent powers int he payment of war indemnities.  In fact the BIS received all the gold bullion looted by the German Wehrmacht under Adolf Hitler. This was because Hitler himself was put in power by Rothschild agents, Skull and Bones in the USA, and the Pilgrim Society, in the UK.

Even the Central Bank of Russia is part of the BIS system.

So how do you get Ukraine to join this system?


Start a war in which some nation in the BIS system has to pay war indemnities to the Ukraine.

But to pay indemnities you have to lose the war.

And to lose the war against a weak nation as Ukraine, you have to be incompetent.

Now the nation to start the war has to have lots of gold bullion

And Russia at the start of the war had 650 Billion dollars worth of gold.

 Putting a Theory to Test

Now every theory can be proven only if it can make predictions which turn out to be fulfilled. So I will venture to make some prognostications:

1) The currents of Ukraine will be devalued to drive Ukraine into bankrupcy

2) A combination of Rothschild Agents and the BIS will offer to save Ukraine if the National Bank of Ukraine is put under their control

3) As soon as the President of Ukraine gives the BIS access to the National Bank, Putin will become amenable to ending the war, and subsequently to paying indemnities.

4) Putin will be personally remunerated by the BIS with billions.

5) The control of the Ukrainian economy after this will enable Rothschilds to control world grain prices going forward and to cause the starvation of billions more, whenever they want.

CREDITS: In the featured image, a photo of Vladimir Putin attending the WEF Meeting with Klaus Schwab, whose postures shows who serves whom. (Image from collage taken from Imur)

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  1. “This will cause famine among 1.2 billion persons. . . ”
    Interesting number. Elsewhere today I read that since 1980, abortions worldwide were about 1.5 billion persons.

  2. I believe the WEF is orchestrating 98% of all problems currently plaguing the world right now.

  3. Ungodly shortsightedness due to no Sanctifying Grace in the souls of the population control propagandists…including anyone who goes along with it. Including Gays…who are in Gods eye only Sodomites.

  4. Hypothetically Valid…Someone’s been thinking deeply in the midst of all the chaos.

  5. ALL WARS are Bankers Wars , the Sabatean cult has been fomenting wars before napoleon s time , the nephalim spirit has never left it has taken up residence in the greedy hearts minds and souls of the redshield banking cabal .

  6. Brother, what do you make of the BIS suspending the Bank of Russia and the IMF approving emergency financing for Ukraine?

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