7 Things to know about Pope Benedict XVI on his Birthday

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I. Today, April 16, 2022 A. D. is the 95th Birthday of Pope Benedict XVI.

Providentially, he was born on an April 16, which was also a Holy Saturday, like today.  Pope Benedict XVI was given the name Joseph Ratzinger at baptism. April 16 is also the Feast of Bl. Benedict Joseph Labre, a poor pilgrim who wandered Europe, and who died at Rome (buried near the  Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas).

II. Pope Benedict XVI is the oldest living pope in the history of the Catholic Church.

At 95 years of age, Pope Benedict XVI surpasses the runner up, Pope Leo XIII by two years. The latter died in 1903 A. D. at the age of 93.

III, Pope Benedict XVI was threatened in multiple ways to resign

Since the winter of 2012, there was an active conspiracy to drive Pope Benedict XVI to abdicate. This began with the theft of his personal correspondence from the desk of Father George Ganswein in January. In February 11, 2012, an assassination threat was revealed by Cardinal Papalardo of Palermo: demanding that Pope Benedict XVI resign within a year or else.

During the course of 2012, the revelations of betray and the untimely death of a close friend were calculated to put the Holy Father under the maximum psychological pressure. Since 2010, demands from the heretical clergy of Austria and Germany insisted on his resignation and threaten schism if he failed to comply. Then in January 2013, the SWIFT Banking system, headed by a CEO who was a Rothschild agent, shut down all bank-wires to and from the Vatican. Deutsch Bank followed suit by shutting down all the ATM machines in Vatican City. As the Cardinals arrived in Rome, in early February of 2013, a demand was made for Pope Benedict XVI to resign.

IV. The Globalists had to get rid of Pope Benedict XVI so as to prepare for the Scamdemic and Great Reset

Pope Benedict XVI was and is an ardent opponent of relativism. He warned the faithful repeatedly of a dictatorship of relativism which was being prepared worldwide. He chided the Globalists by saying the New World Order would fail if it did not take the Child Jesus as its guide. He condemned vaccines made from aborted babies. He insisted that Catholics practice faith in Jesus even as a contradiction to the dearest and most cherished values of modernity.

It would have been impossible to launch the fraud of the Scamdemic and to push transhumanism and world enslavement with Pope Benedict XVI as the moral leader of Christendom. His elimination was a necessity.

V. Pope Benedict XVi and John Paul II prepared a secret plan to defeat Freemasonry’s attempt to take over the Papacy

In 1983, Pope John Paul II issued a new Code of Canon Law, in which he changed the requirement for a valid papal resignation. He made the canon, now 332.2 allow for an apparent resignation, in which the Pope would renounce something similar but not equal to the Papal Office. He did this with the counsel of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

VI. Pope Benedict XVI fooled the Globalits by faking a Papal abdication

Using the plan he had prepared with Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict did not abdicate when the Mafia of St. Gall and Globalists demanded that he do so. He renounced the ministerium instead of the munus, the key sign required for a papal resignation. Thus the enemies of Christ, being deceived, became so giddy with glee that they failed to examine the Latin text of his Declaratio of Feb. 11, 2013, and proceeded to elect the Globalist Puppet chosen by the CIA: Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Argentina.

Pope Benedict XVI did this in obedience to a divine inspiration given him in the previous summer. Recognizing that the entire Curia was opposing him, as Christ’s Vicar, he realized that he had to declare to the world, in a way Catholics could eventually understand, what was going on. His declaration whereby he renounced the ministerium, instead of the papacy, effectively put the entire Vatican apparatus in a position of illegality. The conclave which followed never legally existed, was illegitimate and elected an anti-pope.

VII. The World was fooled by the Fake News that Pope Benedict XVI had resigned, because no one examined exactly what Benedict did

The international press, run and controlled by the Globalists, scored its first great victory to prepare for the Great Reset by fooling nearly the entire Catholic World into thinking that Pope Benedict XVI had abdicated. An entire panoply of voices opposed to expelling pedophiles from the clergy, wanted Benedict gone and rejoiced at the thought he had resigned. They began to gaslight Catholics everywhere who raised questions about the real meaning of the Declaratio.

Overtime however Catholic Experts have discovered the fraud of the news of that day, and are remounting an international effort to restore Pope Benedict XVI, begin a Catholic Reset and overthrow Globalism. We invite you to join us, on twitter at @B16Restore.

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    1. ***Just listened to Fr. Ripperger on Tradition. Be VERY careful thinking Catholics can decide who the true Pope is. Unless you have the authority of the Magisterium, it is walking on thin ice to do so. I wish my previous post to be removed, please, so as not to cause scandal.***

      1. This is the biggest canard ever. First of all, Canon law is readable by everyone, it even states how to read it in canon 17. Otherwise it would be a secret knowledge or law, which is a gnostic teaching, not a Catholic one. Second, none of us has to prove who the pope is, the Pope has to prove to the world that he is the pope. Was the election canonical? Was the abdication canonical. For B16, the abdication was invalid, as he did not do what canon law said, renounce the munus. That is a historical fact. If you want to dispute that fact by claiming the reality is a theory or interpretation, then you are turning reality on its head. The Cardinals and Bishops pretend the abdication was valid, but their pretense is not an argument, its a crime against the historical fact. Father Ripperger alas, is leading souls to damnation with a silly sophism (false argumentation).

  1. Brother Bugnolo, you have done an excellent job at succinctly stating what ALL Catholics need to recognize! Well done!

  2. What difference would it make it Benedict was recognized as the true and Francis is a fraud? What changes, if anything? At this point does it matter who is the Pope? It would only matter if that person was bold enough to lead us to Christ. Is Benedict, at age 95 able to do this?

  3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank. A great summary of events that all can follow and share.

  4. If it has been Pope Benedict’s intention to deceive his enemies, likewise as he done as regards most of the Universal Church. If, as our editor claims, this strategy has been divinely inspired, it must needs have an expiration date, by which the Holy Father plays, as it were, his trump card. Otherwise, he will depart this world staining his legacy with confusion that can but aggravate the current, de facto, schism, a mess to be swept up by God-knows-whom. Perhaps the divine intervention desired by many will manifest by the Pontiff’s continued years & clear mind such that he himself can pull the rug out from the enemies within who have acted so to usurp him.

  5. God has done this before. He uses His weakest friend to defeat the strong and cunning. Goliath will fall.

    David selected FIVE stones from the torrent valley to fight the giant Philistine. I see in those FIVE stones the five decades of our Holy Rosary. The Mafiosi will be defeated in the most unexpected manner.

    God bless our Pope, Benedict XVI. Many happy returns of the day!

    1. Goliath was certainly strong ong, but I read him as a bit of a dolt, not a fox. A closer precedent/analogy might be had in the coup of Absolom.

    2. Please pray many rosaries
      Ask your priests to pray 33, 000 rosaries.
      1000 rosaries for each year Jesus Christ lived here on earth for the reparation
      Otherwise holy mass will be taken away for 7 to 9 years
      It will take about 10 to 12 rosaries per day
      for 7 to 9 years

  6. Great Summarization!!! Necessary for Roman Catholics to know around the world. Thank-you for your time to teach Fr. Bugnolo.
    In this time when you’re certainly very pre-occupied and busy helping others with the fallout of war; your time is so appreciated.

  7. Happy Easter, Brother! In Australia it is now Easter Sunday.

    Thanks for this handy summary, some of which was new to me. Do you have a list of sources for some of this information?

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