3 thoughts on “CANADA: Govt. admits using Covid to promote WEF Great Reset”

    1. Stunning in arrogance. MUST get the POISONOUS OUT OF Govt. Trudope and the other WEF/CCP Cabal Puppets must be eradicated. Canada has not disarmed and it seems this time the peaceful Canadians will be challenged to ‘FIGHT FOR THEIR OWN FREEDOM’ from the Psychopathic Tryrants as they’ve NEVER HAD TO BEFORE. Their freedom was a by-product of the United States’ fights against the British Empire. This time it is not merely the British Empire they fight; it is the modern Hitler…A mix of Nazi Communist technocratic garbage threatening all humanity with a Chimeric hell utterly outside God’s creation. This Present Darkness is NOT going to end merely through peaceful demonstration.

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