Movement to Restore Pope Benedict XVI launches on Twitter

Editor’s Note: In honor of the 95th Birthday of Pope Benedict XVI Catholics on Twitter have launched an official account for the restoration of the Holy Father. It will be a place to share information and initiatives for the promotion of the activism of Catholics aimed at restoring Pope Benedict XVI to power. — This is a site for the Church Militant. And this is the greatest earthly battle which lies before us. — I invite all who are on twitter to follow this account.

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3 thoughts on “Movement to Restore Pope Benedict XVI launches on Twitter”

  1. YES…The Church NEEDS Pope Benedict…The ONLY Pope.

    Whomever it was threatening him MUST be arrested and Indicted…Tried and Deported to Residential Confinement for the duration of Bergogio’s life…As well as the St. Gallen Mafia and those associated the with ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ with the Rothschild Dictator and Xi. Who is more delusional to think the other will EVER bow, relent and allow the other Dictatorial Rule?

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