We must now work to take the Head off the globalist Snake

Editor’s Note: If anyone can find the show by Mike Adams on MMA (Chlorine dioxide) please share the link in the notes below.

Here is another video with Dr. Ardis explaining common questions to his presentation about Snake Venom. This video begins after 11:00 minutes of music on a black screen.

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11 thoughts on “We must now work to take the Head off the globalist Snake”

  1. I read about the chlorine dioxide through Mike Adams site. I am sure if you did a search you would find it on his site. I found out about the Swiss chemist, Kalcker, who had refined it. It is mostly used in the Spanish speaking world, particularly in South America. The globalists do not want anyone to know about it, hence it is mostly hidden. The benefits of CDS are manifold and not just got Covid 19. On his telegram channel there are testimonies that it has cured people of cancer. I found a supplier on eBay but there is also a Spanish company that provides it. I have taken it as a prophylactic and, Deo Gratias, I have never tested positive for Covid 19 (whatever that is). I even give it to my dog!

  2. Is there a very simple answer to all of this plandemic for all believers in God ? Is it simplistic to state that the venom of the snake being crushed by the foot of Blessed Mary in Genesis has a significant answer for all of us? Google Fatima messages. Our lady in Mexico at Guadalupe in the 1500s converted all of snake worshipping heathens to Catholicism. It’s called the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  3. In the beginning of this, I looked into Michael Osterholm who runs CIDRAP, and also holds a seat with the CFR. He was one of the first notified of this”virus”. They have been researching SARS since’03. I had also discovered that Ostetholm had ordered synthetic N1 and N2 genes from IDT in Iowa. IDTs specialty is synthetic genes, and they received some kind of permission from a royal academy and the palace itself in Britain. Osterholm was instrumental in the implantation of the PCR test. He is also instrumental in the study of CWD, a prion problem, supposedly in deer in Minnesota. But a prion disease isn’t a viral problem like what’s being talked about, its a “folding” of enzymes in the brain. We are being deceived, distracted, and killed on many, many levels!

  4. Ardis HATES the Roman Catholic church. He mentions it in nearly every interview, which makes one wonder since it is common knowledge that most, if not all, churches, regardless of denomination – even those megachurches – are compromised. Furthermore, it is interesting how he does this. It is like priming the pump of hatred.. Very suspicious.

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