Bergoglio appears on TV to be in advanced stages of dementia

Editor’s Note: Though I cannot yet verify the source of this video, I ask my readers in Italy to comment below as to its authenticity and to whether this clip has been selectively edited.

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15 thoughts on “Bergoglio appears on TV to be in advanced stages of dementia”

  1. Far more logical to explain the behavior and disintegration of the Church, P.R., tolerance of Perversion as allowing the homosexual Singer to have a gig out of St. Peter’s Square and all the rest of the anti-Catholic words and behaviors exhibited in these years. Between Bergoglio and Biden; it’s not wonder the world is going to hell.

  2. Anyone who thinks he can pull the wool over God’s eyes HAS TO BE a loony.

  3. No matter our opinion of him, the poor man looks drugged. As with a sleeping pill….and the demeanor of the interviewer left a lot to be desired. How awful. God help our beloved Church.

    1. I agree. Maybe they medicated him for sciatica which is very painful. In the beginning of clip from a distant shot it appears as it is an imposter. The camera then goes on to the interviewer. Then a face shot to Francis alone. Its a bogus interview.

  4. It appears selectively edited. The interviewer’s response does not match the long pause.

  5. In fairness to Bergoglio, I realise that the video segment has been edited to remove his response to the interviewer’s previous question, which gives his silence context.

    So this clip may only show what many know already – that he is a very bad actor at being silent in a devout and holy way.

    It also shows his particular arrogance at wishing to be the centre of attention at 3pm on Good Friday, even if, as one might assume, this interview was prerecorded.

    Lorena Bianchetti: I am coming to the end, Your Holiness. Today is Good Friday, but the story of salvation does not end here. Fortunately, the Gospel has a happy ending because there is the resurrection of Jesus: that is the centre of the story of salvation. So, what is your hope for this Easter?

    Holy Father: An internal joy. There is a Psalm that says: “When the Lord delivered us from Babylon, it seemed like a dream”. From weeping to joy. It is joy. My hope is that we not lose hope, but true hope – the one that does not disappoint – and that we ask for the grace of tears, but the tears of joy, the tears of consolation, the tears of hope. I am sure, I repeat, we must weep more. We have forgotten how to weep. Let us ask Peter to teach us how to weep like he did. And then, the silence of Good Friday.

    Lorena Bianchetti: Your Holiness, it’s almost three. How should we live this hour today?

    Holy Father: (Editor’s note: he does not respond, he remains in silence).

    1. There is no evidence that the video was edited. He never responded to the question. And it is clear from his facial expression that his meds ran out and that he was in a reverie of the mind. I cared for my mom, when she had dementia for the last 3 years of her life. I am familiar with that much, but the transcript at the Vatican makes it clear.

  6. According to the translated transcript, he did respond to the previous question.

    That response was apparently edited out and the interviewer’s two distinct questions combined into one longer sequence.

    One could argue that whoever edited this was trying to give the context for viewers who did not watch the full interview.

    In any case, his response to the second question was indeed silence with some very vacant expressions that look either like dementia symptoms or extremely bad acting.

  7. This seems to be the full interview. Anti-Pope Bergoglio seems to have been find for 47 minutes (I scanned through the video quickly, I don’t know Italian, so maybe someone with time and Italian can watch…).
    The incident is at the end (48 minute mark).

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