Italian Ministry of Health pushes the 4th Dose of DeathVaxx for those over 50

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The goal of the Scamdemic is the slaughter of humanity as a sacrifice to invoke the advent of the Antichrist. This is the century long goal of Sabbatean Jews and their cohorts, the Frankists, who “converted” to the Catholic Faith to collaborate in this agenda.

And since the desire to make Rome his capital, it is absolutely necessary that they utterly destroy the Catholic Faith, and hence the Italian People.

To this end, the Rothschild Dictatorship of Mario Draghi has launched the appeal to have everyone over 50 years of age take the 4th dose. Evidently, Italians are not dying fast enough. And the Globalist Satanists are getting impatient.

Alas, the sheepl of Italy, who are forgetful of God are being converted unto hell, just as the Psalm prophesied of old. Since they believe nothing but what enters the last remnant of their cerebrum via the Matrix of State Television, there is no hope for these political zombies.

The failure of those in “opposition” to recognize true opposition from controlled opposition has led to paralysis in the anti-Vaxx movement, which is now entirely manipulated by MKUltra tactics to engage in endless useless protests.

I fear only a miracle can save Italy now. And that miracle will be the restoration of Pope Benedict XVI, for which we must pray with ever grater fervor and with public penitential processions.

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6 thoughts on “Italian Ministry of Health pushes the 4th Dose of DeathVaxx for those over 50”

  1. Italy has one the oldest population in Europe. “Costing” the ruling-class a lot of money in social benefits. The forced injection program is not over. There will continue to push it until the objectives are met. In Italy, Europe, the US, etc.. We now know they use different degrees of potency in each lot deployment. So, on a logistical level, the slow burn removal appears to be timed and controlled,,, otherwise the sleepers would notice. . We are in the cover-up phase right now, and “legal” loopholes are being patched-up in preparation for the next global deployment. I believe they will succeed in removing a very large portion of the world’s population. It should become more noticeable in a very short few years. At which point, they’ll have to introduce something else to keep people occupied.

    1. It’s ALL ‘Mapped-Out’ and Timed with the Puppets READY and WILLING to ‘play their part’ on the stage of Global Slavery where they literally demand and will be treated as their own God with the serfs, peasants, slaves bowing to kiss their cheeks indefinitely. It is disgusting and yet THAT is the usual, the common, the sad history of ALMOST ALL OF HUMANITY before both Jesus Christ and the advent of the United States of America.

      The Global Nazi Communist Dictators have the PLANS and they’re implementing them one by one; overlapping and concurrently, to achieve being the ‘Slave Masters/Gods’ over EVERYONE they refer to as deplorable. They will continue UNLESS those they wish to eradicate and/or make into slaves GO AFTER THEM TO RID THE WORLD OF THEIR POISONOUS Idolatry Pestilence allowing all other perversion and disgusting sin first. The CHAOS CONTINUES UP TO THE TIME THEY ARE TAKEN OUT; and/or, God’s determined date for the return of Jesus Christ arrives.

  2. Br. Bugnolo, What is the full history of ‘Mario Draghi’? Have only the most basic information and he’s somehow more important to Schwab’s/Gates Plans than is discussed at the WEF Cabal Yearly Shindig in Jan.

    Also, which Psalm are you referring to in this Post when referring to the ‘Sheeple’ of God forgetful of God being converted into hell as prophesied?

    1. I would start at Wikipedia which will have the basics. He is a banker and made his reputation by ruthlessly rigorous fiscal policies.

  3. “I fear only a miracle can save Italy now. ”
    This linked to a Twitter story of perversion 2xover.

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