3 thoughts on “The New World Order is founded upon a century of Mind Control”

  1. 4 minute men

    CPI Director George Creel boasted that in 18 months his 75,000 volunteers delivered over 7.5 million four-minute orations to over 300 million listeners, in a nation of 103 million people. The speakers attended training sessions through local universities, and were given pamphlets and speaking tips on a wide variety of topics, such as buying Liberty Bonds, registering for the draft, rationing food, recruiting unskilled workers for munitions jobs, and supporting Red Cross programs. Ethnic groups were reached in their own languages.[5] [6] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Minute_Men#:~:text=The%20Four%20Minute%20Men%20were,on%20Public%20Information%20(CPI).

    Catholics in Kuwait
    For someone familiar with the names of prepares, this could be an interesting read.

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