The Advertising Agent of Death on BigTech Social Media unmasked at last

Fr. Altman: God will damn the Democratic Party and Democrat, Bishops who will not stand up

Editor’s Note: The context here is the revelation, that in an abortuary in the capital of the United States, they are murdering children after birth. Five corpses have been found. The Entire Democrat govt of the city is doing everything they can to cover it up and ignore it. And the U.S. Bishops are complicit, since only one is speaking against this horrendous crime, which in US law is murder.

Br. Bugnolo: On Belief, What is it? When is it true or false?

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In this video, I refer to my recent post on the Wall against Internet Searches, here. It will help everyone understand better and be better prepared to understand what I say here, if that watch that video before this one on Belief.