5 thoughts on “17 Years Ago: He became the Vicar of Christ on Earth”

  1. I was out shopping when my best friend called me with the news that Ratzinger was elected pope. 15 minutes later, We met at church to give thanks: jumped up and downed laughed for joy like children, and then sat before the tabernacle grinning from ear to ear, our hearts bursting with thanks.

    What a contrast to see Bergoglio when he stepped out on the balcony. I saw his face and was seized with an inexplicable terror, and my stomach twisted up in a knot. My brain tried dismiss my gut reaction, but I was depressed and anxious the rest of the day. I thought something was terribly wrong with me; but learnt much later that others had had a similar revulsion when they saw Bergoglio, and the thanks we gave God rang very hollow.

  2. I have never seen this. Thank you for sending. It is so full of joy. Personally, my objection to Bergolio is his deviation from Catholic teaching, even if off the cuff.I even saw a video of him sitting in the Lutheran Church which was scandalous in itself, but he told a non Catholic woman she could go to Holy Communion if she decided it was all right.

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