Br. Bugnolo: On Belief, What is it? When is it true or false?

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In this video, I refer to my recent post on the Wall against Internet Searches, here. It will help everyone understand better and be better prepared to understand what I say here, if that watch that video before this one on Belief.

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5 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo: On Belief, What is it? When is it true or false?”

  1. @34:30 I agree that scripture is not clear whether or not our Lord was crucified on the palm of the hands or on the wrists. But would the phenomenon of the stigmata (ie. Fr Pio) be evidence that most likely than not, our Lord was crucified in the palm of the hands?

    1. Mystical phenomena, art, and the Shroud of Turin, better examined, all argue that Our Lord was nailed through the palms of His Hands.

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