Fr. Altman: God will damn the Democratic Party and Democrat, Bishops who will not stand up

Editor’s Note: The context here is the revelation, that in an abortuary in the capital of the United States, they are murdering children after birth. Five corpses have been found. The Entire Democrat govt of the city is doing everything they can to cover it up and ignore it. And the U.S. Bishops are complicit, since only one is speaking against this horrendous crime, which in US law is murder.

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7 thoughts on “Fr. Altman: God will damn the Democratic Party and Democrat, Bishops who will not stand up”

  1. Fr Altman’s just anger drives the vehemence of his denunciation, but on TV he needs to control his anger with a cool, not a hot head. Vulgar language detracts from both his dignity as a priest, and the seriousness of his message. His immoderate language sets him up to be dismissed and ridiculed by the Church’s enemies as a bad-tempered, out-of-control ranter.
    When we are justly angry, we should emulate our Lord who could denounce evil eloquently without losing his temper. Abp Vigano his a good example of how to do it right: he is angry at the betrayal of the church, but his words have power because he has his temper under control when he denounces the enemies of the Church and humanity. If Fr Altman can’t control his temper, he should stay off TV until he can.

    1. The idea that one should not get red hot mad at sin is a teaching of the pagan stoics revived by confused Jesuits in the 17th century. Bad language should never be used. But Hot temper is no fault here.

    2. It’s justified anger that we all feel! His manner and tone is what’s needed! Thank you Father Altman!

  2. Theres no other way to get their attention. Hes the most effective anti abortion preacher in the world. Murdering babies , according to an answer Moses sister Miriam recieved in prayer way back then, is not as grave a crime as birth prevention. because “the babies are not ever allowed to exist at all. ” Consequently, they have no eternal life in Heaven. So Pope Paul 6th s Humanae Vitae, which he stated he recieved in revelation, and begged people to obey it , fits right in with Jewish revelation. And should be made known universally by some angry Rabbi.

  3. Justified anger and it’s what’s needed to get their attention! Thank you Father Altman for speaking the truth.

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