The Advertising Agent of Death on BigTech Social Media unmasked at last

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2 thoughts on “The Advertising Agent of Death on BigTech Social Media unmasked at last”

  1. Check this out:

    “Scientists Control Mice Behavior With Near-Infrared Rays ”

    “…For the first time, scientists have invented a noninvasive way to control the brain circuits—the clusters of neurons in the brain that collectively perform a specific task—of freely moving lab animals from a distance.”

    “…First the scientists genetically modified cells to produce a molecule known as TRPV1. This heat-sensitive protein helps people feel heat-related pain, as well as the spicy burn of chili peppers, and its discovery received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2021. A similar molecule gives rattlesnakes and other pit vipers the ability to hunt warm-blooded prey in the dark.”

    “…The scientists note that their new technique still requires invasive brain surgery to deliver gene-modifying viruses and the MINDS into the brain. Wu notes that in the future, they could make their method less invasive with the help of ultrasound, which can help open the blood-brain barrier—the protective membrane that prevents most larger molecules from entering the brain—so that viruses and MINDS can get delivered into the brain via injections to the body instead.”

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