CIA Funded WaPo reveals that there is more to Twitter than meets the eye

Editor’s Note What they are trying to say in this article, but which they cannot and will not say, is that Twitter is a MKUltra project designed to control and manipulate the masses. But then again, Elon Musk, who did not make is wealth but was given billions by the Obama Administration and then played investors on the Stock Markets is also not a people’s man: don’t forget he is gleefully developing brain-implant tech. Twitter and its information for him will make that tech the ultimate Matrix.

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2 thoughts on “CIA Funded WaPo reveals that there is more to Twitter than meets the eye”

  1. And, exactly who is WAPO and Besos…As though they’re NOT the same classification as the Twits and Meta are not the exact same thing?
    Give ‘Citizen Patriots’ a break. Don’t trust any of the Billionaire Corporatists supported and financed by the CROOKED ‘WEF/CCP Cabal backed current Govt. Puppets TREASONOUS to the United States and continuing to SELL THE U.S. OUT TO THE ENEMIES for personal/WEF/CCP gain rationalized as ‘Public Service’.
    Through St. Gallen Mafia and Bergoglio; has even saturated and infected the Vatican.

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