Malachi Martin: The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will begin in Kyiv

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23 thoughts on “Malachi Martin: The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will begin in Kyiv”

  1. Nice to see some good press for Malachi Martin. I understand the criticism, but such a great mind merits some consideration. My wild speculation would be a critical mass of Russian soldiers abandon Putin and join ukrain to take Moscow. Something similar to how Patton wanted to take Moscow with the surrendered German army.

    1. Correction, he merits ZERO criticism. His only critics are liberals such as Jesuits, and wack a doodle sedes who hint at but candy never back their claims. “he ghost wrote this part of the documents of Vatican II”. He was an elite scholar employed to do so but he later denounced the changes too, they always leave that part out.

  2. In the realm of Politics, Russia and Ukraine are both still filled with wickedness.

    In the realm of its citizens both Russian and Ukrainian spiritual life is alive and well. I know that God will unite both, because God is the common denominator among its peoples. I just don’t know how the Kingship of Christ will translate unto the political realm. Zelensky is definitely not it. Putin, might.

    The introduction to Kadyrov, the Chechen general leading the Russian Army is terrifying to all the Slavics. If you think Russians/Ukrainians can be backwards and unpredictable. Muslim Russians are another creature. More specific Chechens, are barbaric, and they will do it with religious zeal unafraid of death. When I hear the prophecies where there will be so much blood that it will overfill the waters, Chechen people are the only people I know capable.

    I pray for both. Ukrainians are caught in the crossfires of 2 regimes that want to kill them. I’ve spoken to people that fled the donetsk region. They said “at first we wanted Putin to come in and save us from Ukraine attacking us. Then Both Parties started attacking us, and then we just wanted to be left alone in peace. Even that wouldn’t happen, so they did everything to flee.”

    Watch Kadyrov. Pray he doesn’t get involved.

    1. Well yours is a sensible comment, but I do not see how you know whats going on in the Crimea if you are in Washington State USA….

    2. “Chechen people are the only people I know capable” ( of being so barbaric). My friend, you have a lot more history to learn. The initial Bolshevik governing body was 85% Jewish. And many who weren’t had Jewish wives. They are the ones who implemented the slaughter of tens of millions in Russia and Ukraine. More Jews tried to spread their demonic, Marxist revolution into Germany and Hungary in the aftermath of WWI. Furthermore, the U. S. and British governments were “ golem” beasts carrying out the Zionist, Talmudic, Kabbalah plans of the anti-Christian conspiracy of the Synagogue of Satan. Have you not heard of the American and British fire bombing of hundreds of thousands of civilians at Dresden and Hamburg, plus American A- bombs destroying the two most Catholic centers in Japan, non-military targets: Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

      1. You are referring to Sabbateans, who are Jewish apostates. Or their Frankist allies. look it up.

    3. Yes! i am praying that he does not get involved, and that The Blessed Virgin Mary will intercede for Ukrainians! The American Evangelical prophet (per,Catholic co-prophet, thirdeaglebooks,YT) said “A war that nobody wanted, but nobody had the wisdom to prevent!” Third Eagle said that the book of Wisdom is referring to The Blessed Virgin Mary and it will necessitate the world seeking her and her wisdom to stop the war, and we must all 🙏 for her to intercede! 🌹 Today is the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary 🕯

    4. Oh a part was left out the Anerican Evangelical prophet that said : “A war that no one wanted but no one had the wisdom to prevent!” was prophesied by Kim Clement!

  3. The world will not be converted only a remnant will be saved

    The world will cascade into greater wickedness with increasing violence & sexual perversion.

    That is the reality in accordance with what the Apostles of our Lord taught and prophesied.

    one only look at the rise of Sodomy and the acceptance of it not only by various governments, but by the populous in general.

    1. What will happen to the world and is happening to the world, by the weight of sin, is one thing. What will happen in the world by the grace of God is another. And the age of Grace shall not end, so long as this world stands.

  4. You’ve reached back into the 90s for me – Malachi Martin was amazing to listen to.

  5. Having listened to everyone of his videos on you tube,he said some disgusting things about Christ ,like something straight out of the Talmud .It never ceases to amaze me how traditional Catholics overlook the filth that he spewed.

      1. In describing Christ passion he said “he bled like a pig” he also said on the Art Bell radio show that Christ was likely sodomised by the Roman soldiers,when asked about the fall of Lucifer also on Art Bell radio show he said Lucifer was told the second person of the Trinity was to assume human flesh and Lucifer replied “Me worship what comes from between a woman legs” What Catholic would speak those words ? I’m unable to send the videos with timestamp as that would require me to have to search through his videos and I have no wish to listen to his voice again. His housekeeper is buried next to him and not her husband.Please don’t publish my reply . .

      2. Thank you for this information. If he said such things, he clearly had issues. Remember, that he was reduced to the lay state before the Council. And for that, he would have had to be caught in flagrante delicto or sired a child. But that does not mean he was a liar about all other things.

  6. It is worth noting that he was still carrying out exorcisms until just before he died. You can’t do that if God is having a problem with you Mazara.

    There is no doubt that Malachi Marting is a complicated figure but I find it interesting so many people spend so much time discrediting him. What can you tell me about his opponents?

    A man can often be assessed by who and what his enemies are.

    1. The priestly character has power even if the priest be in sin, or heresy. Not as well, but still.

    2. Yes, who his enemies are is right. Also I heard him talk about how his order hosted a Mass in Central Park and they had extra hosts left over and burnt them and that was why he asked to be let go from his order because he said, Do you think if they believed the Eucharist was the true presence of Christ, that they would have done that?

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