Video of the 50th Anniversary of Bishop Gracida’s Episcopal Consecration

Editor’s Note: In his homily Bishop Gracida tells his life history of opposing liberal Bishops in the USA. This Mass was celebrated in January, but the video only came to my attention today.

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4 thoughts on “Video of the 50th Anniversary of Bishop Gracida’s Episcopal Consecration”

  1. Bishop Gracida is a magnificent warrior-shepherd and an exemplar of the old saying, “Any man more right than his neighbours constitutes a majority of one.” I the early days of the Anglican Use / Pastoral Provision prototype of today’s Ordinariate) he was a rock of reassurance and encouragement to the first Episcopalian clergy to courageously join the Catholic Church in this experimental niche to undo the English Reformation; and bring back the English speaking Anglicans to full communion with Rome, whilst keeping their rich High-church customs and culture– which had once been Catholic.

  2. Thank you. Omen est nomen. What a strong, meek grace-full voice, with such clarity and humility at 98 years old.

    “God’s ways are not mans ways. God saved my life for his own purposes.”

    “I know in whom I have believed.”
    “God whatever you decide”
    “He put up with my foolishness and brought me to this day”

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