Video Recording of World Trade Center being detonated on 9/11

Editor’s Note: There are lots of claims and counter claims about whether 9/11 was perpetrated by the CIA or was a true terrorist attack. This video, which shows the actual floor by floor detonations is inexplicable on the assumption that the building is collapsing under its own weight. This means that the Bush Administration are mass murderers.

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7 thoughts on “Video Recording of World Trade Center being detonated on 9/11”

  1. 😪😭there are no words. I remember that day. I remember going into shock. One of my family members was spared being at the WTC that day as he was scheduled to be there for a meeting. The night before the attack he was called with the news the meeting was being cancelled and he did not have to arrive.

  2. The event that once I began studying the anomalies in the official narrative, came to the inevitable conclusion that it had been planned and carried out by an evil group of people probably part of the CIA and other US government agencies.

    1. I read somewhere that when the WTC was built that they were hav iij bg a hard time convincing tenants to sign up for leases on the property. Rockefeller saved the day by leading a good number of floors for 25 years. The lease had just expired when it was attacked. The plot, whoever was behind it, involved Islamic terrorists flown in from overseas to different parts of the USA.. Rockefellers were promoting the rise of Islam way back in the50s. Why ?

  3. It was 100% a planned operation, ultimately by the same people perpetrating the plandemic right now. Also, “Tower 7” is a large tower off to the side, part of the World Trade Center complex, which wasn’t hit by any plane and was far enough to not get hit by any significant debris from the two collapsing towers. –> ….yet it also was completely destroyed. It was also an obvious controlled demolition. There were tons of sensitive records in that building too. The way that this “Tower 7” was completely ignored by media and nobody wanted to talk about it is what first clued me in to something not being right about the entire thing. I was 18 at the time, and it was the one event that opened my eyes to the extent of scams and lies that can be pulled off. From that point on I became a “conspiracy theorist”, and all such conspiracies lead to the same chief conspirator, satan. In a way, 9/11 was one of the material causes that at least played a role in leading me to return to Christianity after abandoning it in early teen years.

    Here is an interesting detail Br. Bugnolo, in case you hadn’t ever noticed. Although I think there are a few ways to know that the perpetrators of 9/11 are ultimately the same globalist/masonic satanists who planned the scamdemic, but one “in your face” indication of this is the design of the tower which, a decade after the event, was used to replace the two fallen towers. Look at this —–> Looks a tiny bit like a syringe doesn’t it? I’d say more than a “tiny bit”. And the have the gall to call it the “One World Trade Center”.

    While the enemy’s plan has been in the works for several decades, or even centuries, and there are many parts to their agenda, there seem to be some “big events” that play a particularly big role in advancing their plan to the next stage. I believe 9/11 was one of these “big events” and the plandemic is also obviously one of these big events. I can’t see it as a coincidence that right in the spot where the 9/11 “big event” occurred, that they build a new tower symbolizing what their next “big event” would consist of. Right in our faces.

    1. Yes, I remember marveling about how it looked like a needle when the plans first came out, but I did not understand what they were signalling…

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