Journalists on Russian State TV gleefuly discuss a Nuclear Attack on NYC

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2 thoughts on “Journalists on Russian State TV gleefuly discuss a Nuclear Attack on NYC”

  1. First, as they giggle and cajole the U.S.; advise them to move the Rocket to the south about 328 km. While NYC is a worthy target, the D.C. Swamp would be a better, more advantageous mark. The bipedal North American snake and gator extinction would be a welcome leap into cultural evolution in every positive way.
    Second; might be wise to cue Russia’s recall to the fact of American Heavy Rockets they are not aware of since AMERICA HAS NOT ADVERTISED its TRUE CAPABILITY.
    None of this is funny…Just as the Russian ATTACK on Ukraine isn’t funny; however the EVIL perpetrated by ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ puppets murdering hundreds of millions and teaching PERVERSION and MORTAL SIN TO CHILDREN as normal is WORSE BY FAR than anything the Russians now do. In the end, it doesn’t matter for Russia’s errors to have spread or where the errors originate; it’s all about WHERE IT ENDS AND WHO ENDS IT.
    There is vision in this time and it’s crystal clear; GOD is the one with the plan and God is in control to manipulate evil to consume itself before damning itself to hell.

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