4 thoughts on “Lithuanian Citizens working to supply Ukrainian Armed Forces”

      1. Are people REALLY ignorant to the fact of the military’s need for transport of EVERYTHING around Ukraine. Victory OFTEN is a matter of logistics, mobile transport pertaining to equipment AND human resources with scheduling everything to get from one place to another at the right time. It’s something the U.S. once excelled with before the WEF Puppets intentionally messed with Supply Chains and Work Ethics supporting them to UNDERMINE THE COUNTRY FOR THEIR OWN WORLD TAKE OVER GAIN. Do people NOT know this?
        How many generations since ‘The Greatest Generation’ when the country was still primarily ‘agricultural’ and people knew how to work hard and KNEW exactly what logistics were since the very act of life lived according to the seasons mandated survival itself. Have lost much respect for the human race this last year in the U.S. If the abject stupidity, ignorance and lack of common sense inherent to modern culture is allowed to PROGRESS; the only result would be better should there be REGRESS.

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