Russia unveils new Missile, “Satan II”

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10 thoughts on “Russia unveils new Missile, “Satan II””

  1. That missile will ERASE NEW YORK.
    The New Babylon in the Book of Revelation?

    When? After the killing of President-dictator TRUMP.
    When NANCY PELOSI will be nominated substitute
    President and will govern USA from CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN.
    (It could be around 2024-2025 -> NUCLEAR WINTER )

    Century X, quatrain 7 of Nostradamus.
    The great conflict that they are preparing for NANCY,
    The Haemathien (“red in face “)* will say I subjugate all:
    The British Isle in anxiety over wine and salt,
    “Hem. mi.” PHILIP two Metz will not hold for long.

    *(Other translate it as Macedonian, since King PHILIP
    was the father of ALEXANDER the GREAT, the Macedonian
    king who conquered an Empire, and was “red in face”)?

    With the kabbalistic jump-letter method in X.07 is
    obtained: ” SATAN and ICBM and NYC and IBM”.

  2. Putin did not name it thus; senior NATO staff nicknamed it so.

    The Russian name Sarmat relates to the Sarmatians, a fire deity worshipping people from what is now Eastern Iran, who migrated into parts of what is now Southern Russia and who thrived between fifth century BC and fourth century AD.

      1. I still cannot find a reference as to why this Missile has the code name Satan, or why it is so named. But I do think the original title to this post was unjust to Putin.

      2. Try the first line of the article you published as supporting your claim. I quote: “RS-28 “Sarmat”, #NATO codename “Satan II”.

        The Sarmat missile is no more named “Satan”, by the Russians, than is the MiG 25 named “Foxbat”. It’s a NATO designation, as is stated clearly.

      3. I can find no reference which says it is even a Nato codename. Sources say it is a colloquial usage…

  3. Really?
    Where do these Psycho ‘Nut Jobs’ defining ‘right as wrong’ and ‘wrong’ as ‘right’ come from? There is NO support for these ideologue’s beliefs. No documentation beyond ‘Science Fiction’ or perhaps ‘Satan’s Bible’. WHATEVER!
    What are these entries/Posts originating from?..A new Union? “Lost Souls United” Local #666″?

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