Russia cyber-attacks OMC’s Twitter Account @MilitarisCath

Ordo Militaris Catholicus is an international association of Catholics for the defense and security of Crhist’s persecuted faithful. In this video, the co-founder, Br. Bugnolo explains the spirit and mission of the Order to be the Army of Our Lady on earth and how this is intimately connected to Her Titles as Mother of God, Corredemptrix, Mediatrix, Mother of Christians, and Queen of Angels and of Men.

How to help:

Support our Mission to Ukraine by getting a Flag of Our Lady if Victories >>

Give a soldier defending the children of the Holy Virgin the equipment he needs to survive >>

Donate to our Humanitarian Fund for the Ukraine >>

Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus by a small monthly pledge >>

Volunteer in the Order in a non military or military role >>

Sign up to our Basic Combat Training program to prepare to serve as a soldier in Ukraine >>

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5 thoughts on “Russia cyber-attacks OMC’s Twitter Account @MilitarisCath”

  1. As a muslim, would I be allowed to come and fight for Christians, yet still follow my own religion? Or would I have to convert to catholocism, to be considered?

    Thank you for your reply.

    1. It depends in which unit you serve. In our Order we pray Christian prayers every day, but with those who are allies we would fight to defend Christians along side anyone. If you are Muslim I would recommended the Georgian unit which is already formed.

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