More Forensic Information on the Bucha Massacre

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4 thoughts on “More Forensic Information on the Bucha Massacre”

  1. While inconvenient for OMR to be removed from their platform; it’s best proof for your current hypothesis for those already adopting immoral/unethical support for Putain’s Russia and the view of ‘mass murder’ of innocents in Ukraine to be acceptable, Br. Bugnolo.
    Obvious for the billionaire Corporatists with the prostitute politicians of ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ to implement both “Depopulation Program” as well as “Desensitization Program” for it to become viewed by general western society as ‘commonplace, normal, appropriate’ in the world at large SINCE THIS IS THEIR PLAN. The west MUST stand, fight and oppose this ‘mass murder’ at all costs since it is NOT commonplace, normal, appropriate in any condition.
    Tucker Carlson is an acolyte of Schwab and so is Tulsi Gabbard drumming-up support for the Establishment Ruling Order Prostitutes/spies of the Corporatists. Don’t watch Fox as we once did and not going to watch at all since it’s become so clear Carlson is a Schwabbian Acolyte as well. Globalist opposition broadcasting from the few ‘legacy media’ outlets willing to oppose it in any direct appearance is actual COVERT support making them WORSE than ‘legacy media’ as KNOWN acolytes in the end analysis.

    1. Yes Fox is becoming Cnn ans Teksa is becoming twitter…. the push is ever to hell…

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