Wikipedia, all the facts that Globalists permit you to know … today

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  1. I used to be an Editor in Italian Wikipedia…

    But I discovered that there were very actives censors
    regarding many aspects, and that they even had sites
    and private talks in order to coordinate action, sometimes
    “inventing sock-puppets” in order to put the blame of
    a stupid action, done repeatedly by this S-P, in order first
    to suspend and then to indefinitely ban the poor victim-user.

    Before 2006 I was pro-nuclear energy, but in the
    Villa San Pietro Hospital I made several Electro-Encephalo-
    Grams to some boys that came from the area around
    Chernobyl and I was simply horrified about the facial and
    head malformations that I saw (eyes too far or too close
    between them, and many others).

    I had written many articles about Nuclear Reactors, specially
    liking the CANDU nuclear reactor, which I think is the safest.

    Then I read an article in the very serious Italian economic
    newspaper SOLE 24 ORE… it said that the radiation from
    Chernobyl was between 500 and 1000 times Hiroshima’s.

    I read a lot of articles about the economy of nuclear reactor,
    but what really convinced me were the words by Nobel
    Prize CARLO RUBBIA: “We have a natural nuclear-fusion
    aneutronic reactor, and It is the SUN”.

    From that point I decided to fight against nuclear energy,
    and then I discovered that there was in Wikipedia an Admin
    that was an employee of ENEL (which co-owns nuclear
    reactors in France) and it’s a friend of a nuclear engineer
    (user:Dwalin). In 2011 He insisted that in Fukushima there
    was NO radioactive “leak”. IT WAS AN IMMENSE DISASTER.
    I accused Him of being “immoral”, and I was almost banned.

    I created THREE small Wikipedias managed by Me , like… (but it is very small)

    I discovered so many horrors regarding nuclear reactors:
    1) the LACK of proper disposal of spent nuclear fuel…
    they are put in “cooling pools” that can be pierced by a
    cheap RPG anti-armor rocket (idea that is being censored).
    2) the possibility that a thunderbolt, or a more serious
    natural or intentional Electro-Magnetic-Pulse, like the
    one that caused the “Carrington Event” in XIX Century,
    can burn the electric transformer of a nuclear reactor
    and let it without power for the cooling pumps, making
    possible an over-heating, even if the reactor is in SCRAM
    condition with power reduced to 5% of the operating level.
    (this happened with LA SALLE reactor south of Chicago).

    Giancarlo Rossi

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