Jaya talks to the Ukrainian Ambassador to Indonesia regarding Putin’s Dreams of Empire

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3 thoughts on “Jaya talks to the Ukrainian Ambassador to Indonesia regarding Putin’s Dreams of Empire”

  1. Enjoyable piece. Highly Informative. Amb. Hamianan is correct in assessment that decision to join NATO should have been made in 1991/1992 when the Baltics joined. Was the time of greatest weakness in Russia and they couldn’t act.
    Russia’s actions have awakened the west to the fact of NO CHANGE IN RUSSIA…Still Empiricist in orientation/Govt. Rule. Fact is; Ukraine MUST win this war for Russia to be held in check and to address aggression around the world…To show NATO will and does honor its membership as well as countries having scarce resources strategically important to world trade and Supply Chains willing to fight for their own freedom.
    This is going to have to be a philosophy governing the whole world…Any country willing to fight for itself experiencing massacre, genocide, etc.

  2. Were the Sabbateans not always lurking in the background, interviews like this would not be tainted by my own kind of conditioned skepticism. Thank you, Br. Alexis, for always insisting on being on the side of Christ and not the prevailing ideology of the moment. What he said about the Russian language hit home for me. I studied it intensively for several years. The Ambassador makes a convincing case on all the absurdities of Russian propaganda and, although he didn’t say it, the need Russians have for conversion. It would be interesting to know if there are many Russian supporters who are changing/have changed sides, especially those in Germany, Hungary, and the USA.

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