Jewish Terrorist stabs Catholic Priest 20 times, at Nice, France

And, the assailant is identified, in this report:

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is not clear why someone identifying as Jewish, would stab a Polish Catholic priest, while shouting, “We must stop Macron”.  However, modern psychiatry conditions its victims to act out their deepest desires, no matter what the moral consequences. And many such cases, as this one, fit such a pattern.  Emmanuel Macron, who professes to be a Roman Catholic, was recently elected to a second term as President of France, defeating among others, a candidate who opposed Macron’s policy of de-Frenchifying France, and who is of Jewish descent, born in Morocco.

Terrorism is defined as the gratuitous use of violence to achieve a political goal. While this Jewish man is identified in the press as crazed, the political message he wanted to communicate makes his act of attempted homicide an act of terrorism.

There is a discernible pattern of allegedly mentally unstable individuals involved in political terrorism or assassinations. The most famous cases were the attempted assassinations of President Ronald Regan and Pope John Paul II in the 80’s. In both cases the individuals had sought medical care. And it is known, and thus cannot be excluded, that national intelligence agencies use MK-Ultra techniques to prepare such stooges. Nice, France, in particular has been such a scene on two previous occasions. The first, by a crazed Muslim driving a truck. He was recruited in southern Tunisia, where French intelligence is highly active promoting militias which opposed the government in Libya. He then rented a truck in Albania and got fire arms, there, where the CIA has been training Iranian Islamic Terrorists for at least a decade. — In the second attack another Tunisian attacked a Catholic Parish and murdered several parishioners by decapitating them. This attack served Macron’s current political maneuvering.

And finally, Saturday’s attack is clearly going to to have the effect of empowering Macron, who is strongly supported by Islamic Supremacists in French politics, to persecute his political opponents, by claiming they are the terrorists.

My personal prayers go out to Father Rudeniski and Sr.  Clair Claude. She deserves great praise for risking her life to save the priest.

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