Bergoglio removed Puerto Rico Bishop for bucking Globalist Narrative

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8 thoughts on “Bergoglio removed Puerto Rico Bishop for bucking Globalist Narrative”

  1. Had I His Excellency’s ear, I’d urge him in the strongest terms possible to consult with Bp Gracida & defend possession of the Diocese entrusted to him by Pope Benedict XVI. Standing up to the idolatrous Jesuit fraudster has to begin in SOME quarter.

    1. Appointed by an antipope, he had no leg to stand on. But being a validly consecrated Bishop, he can now join the resistence. Though I think he is too timid to be a fighter just yet.

      1. (From
        Appointed Bishop of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, 2010 @ age . 46.4

        Not clear why our editor thinks Bp Daniel has “no leg.”

  2. Great piece. The comment of Father Adam MacMillan were also very good. Father Minutella’s assessment of how Bergoglio uses hesitations to capture and silence threats seems affirmed here:” Pope Francis whom I have met through the media, his writings, and through short but significant personal encounters, has led me to feel great admiration for his person and his ministry. For this reason, even though I have been told this verbally, I strongly doubt that [a request for my resignation], which suffers from such vices in its form and is contrary to all rights, comes directly from the pope.”

  3. How is this such a surprise. ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ is willing to perpetrate a Russo-Ukrainian War to help FINANCIALLY BREAK the United States along with Supply Chain Issues, Sabotage of Industries, Far-Out Inflation, Overwhelming Insurgent Invasion at the Border, Terrorist Entry for Violent Chaos, Antifa/BLM Violence Chaos, Lies about History; name it and they’re DOING IT CONCURRENTLY. Both Putain and Zelinskyy ARE members of ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ and it’s all part of the PLAN TO BREAK THE U.S. POPULATION.
    The Woman Govt. Official out of Ukraine was spotlighted for staying to fight the War in her words, “for the New World Order”. Of course, the Ukraine officals AGREED to perpetrate this war and the Russians are willing to suffer TEMPORARY humiliation to BREAK THE U.S. financially as the U.S. BROKE the USSR FINANCIALLY with the ‘Star Wars Initiative’ competition in the Reagan Administration. To top the whole screwed-up cake…The CHERRY ON TOP; there is a Nazi in position of ‘Pope of the Roman Catholic Church’ acting as Pope John Paul II did and enacting measures and support to facilitate the Corporatist billionaires with their prostitute politicians comprising ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ towards WORLD SLAVERY equal to the Dark Age Monarchies around the world. It’s ALL PART OF THE SAME PLAN AND I refuse to support this War any longer. Zelinskyy is a ‘Criminal Against Humanity’ EXACTLY as Pootain and all ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’…They ALL MUST BE TAKEN DOWN NOW.

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