Dr. Taylor Marshall talks on the Demos Memo circulating at the Vatican

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Taylor Marshall talks on the Demos Memo circulating at the Vatican”

  1. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    I’m a young man discerning a religious vocation to the priesthood and knowing that Bergoglio is an antipope who looks to destroy Tradition, I want to ask you if you happen to know of any traditional community that’s in communion with Pope Benedict XVI. Any answer will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Of men, I know no such religious community. And if there be one, then will will be forming men until the time when the papal question is resolved and there are Bishops to ordain such men. In the meantime, know that this crisis will most certainly end soon, because Bergoglio will not live forever, nor will Pope Benedict. And when it does end, then God willing all traditional communities off men will be in communion with the true Pope. And if you join such a community which was wrong or confused during the present crisis, but returns to the true pope afterwards, dont make much off it and dont rub it in to the other men, that you were with the true pope all along.

  2. Thank you. Feels like a doubling down operation variant of “replace the president because he is incompetent” playbook that seeks to distract the audience by affirming Bergolio is the pope.

    At 39:00 Don Minutella begins his discourse on the prophecies leading up to the great prophet with reflection based on the prophecy of one of the saint founders if the Servite Order. He discusses the nature of the election, and the unification between the east and the west and the appointment of 12 bishops, 2 of whom would be Eastern patriarchs. In Italian.


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