Patrick Coffin to Stew Peters: Pope Benedict XVI is the only true Pope

Editor’s Note: I wish to publicly thank Stew Peters for having Patrick Coffin on to speak about this important topic, after I had publicly called for him to give us Catholics the opportunity to testify to the world who this man, Bergoglio, really is.  — With this interview, we can say that the truth has gone main stream: main stream, because the MSM is no longer that; it is rather the Globalist narrow-minded propaganda mill.

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10 thoughts on “Patrick Coffin to Stew Peters: Pope Benedict XVI is the only true Pope”

  1. Not being a credentialed canonist, I’m confused by one claim that Coffin makes: is it Benedict (as PC claims) who has created an “impeded see,” or that his governance has been impeded by external forces, robbing him of the freedom to exercise the unrenounced munus?
    Frankly, it is only within the last year or so that I’ve heard of the term, let alone of its having obtained, lo, these 9+ yrs.

    1. Coffin says Benedict impeded the see since he is speaking according to which tbe renunciation of ministry rahter than office mskes any action by the Cardinals loose all validity to be in communion with Christ through union with the See, since they ignore by bad will or ignorance that he remains the pope. — Wheras Cioci says that by such a declaration B16 declares that the see is impeded. — Both are correct, but Coffin speaks better.

  2. Finally..
    The issue is brought to the table. I recall reading the amazing story in the OT where the Prophet was sent by God to show who was the true choice to be King of Israel. The prophet went through all of the brothers of David seeking Gods choice. and there was no answer.. no prophetic answer. Then he asked his father,” Do you have any more sons?” Then David who was the youngest was chosen..not by popular vote, or the intrigue of the power structure, but by Gods choice uttered somehow to a true prophet.
    Each and every priest and lay person should be praying for the gift of Wisdom to be given to the Cardinals …it is promised by the Holy Ghost that the truth will be made known.

  3. About time this ‘Anti-Pope’ is brought DOWN. Bless our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our Holy Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph as the Protector of the Church.
    We must continue to pray…To continue to expose and bring low the evil threatening the world more than EVER before in my life…Send Satan and his Demons straight back to hell.

  4. Credit to Ann Barnhardt for being an early voice on this topic, and a relentless one, at that. I wonder if she recognized her mission, or made it her mission. The Hand of God is mysterious! I pray that – sooner rather than later – I might recognize my mission.

    Anyhow, check her out:

    Thank you, Brother Bugnolo for being a reliable voice in The Storm. We all rely on you.

  5. Coffin could have mentioned this site as a source in addition to his own. Also, he could have mentioned Ann Barnhardt or Dr. Mazza. This interview recall to mind a bit what Cionci said about Italian intellectuals. I wonder whom he visited while he was in Rome not too long ago. Just thinking aloud. I think he did some work with Dr. E Michael Jones. Yes, it is good more are becoming aware. Br. Thank you for your love of Our Lord and all yhat you do being free. This, to my thinking, strengthen s your credibility.

  6. Patrick Coffin did a great job in the 8 minutes he had with Stew Peters.

    I do wonder why Stew’s and Patrick’s ties were yellow and blue, and what the angry man and tin foil cat insets in the Patrick Coffin show segment were all about.

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