What Russian Salvation looks like, with Vladimir Putin at the command

Editor’s Note: Let all those who support Putin, be frank and honest and publicly approve of what is reported here.

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6 thoughts on “What Russian Salvation looks like, with Vladimir Putin at the command”

  1. I do support Putin. What you cite are globalist publications which produce lies and you fail to see this in your blindness. It is called the fog of war. The Guardian is a zionist publication. All of the western media are zionist globalist publications; and you use them. Shame on you.

    You asked those who publicly support Putin to post. I do.

      1. And ditto the reverse.

        Don’t you understand that truth is the first casualty of war. There is no media truth. Period. The UK are masters at propaganda and disinformation. They did it in the two world wars. The publications you publish are 24/7 propaganda machines.

        So who do you support if not Putin? (Notice how you fall hook line and sinker into the line that the globalists want. Let’s personalise our hatred – Hitler, Mao, Stalin ) Biden? Zelensky? Johnsom? Macron? Draghi? Netanyahoo? Are these all saints?

      2. Paul Dale,

        As I am in Kyiv, I can talk to real Ukrainians without the medium of the press. So truth is not a casulty in war, if you seek the truth. While I am not at great risk here in Kyiv, I have put myself at more risk to find the truth than you are. So maybe you should stop trying to tell me and the readers of FromRome.Info what the truth is and come to Ukraine and find out for yourself.

  2. Still unable to fathom supporters of Putin…They have chosen to believe the man’s lies even though previous statements over decades are PROOF he is conducting this tyranny/Crimes Against Humanity for delusional ‘The Greatness of Mother Russia’. This has NOTHING to do with NATO. It has NOTHING to do with Nazis since Nazis are now EVERYONE IN UKRAINE. It has NOTHING to do with those living in the East and Crimea speaking Russian and wanting to be Russia since if they ever did …THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR MINDS due to Russian barbarism, and lies told to Crimeans who now live in a Police State and dream of a return to the freedom and business opportunities of living as Ukrainians. It has NOTHING to do with the immorality and INSANITY of the CONFUSED/SPOILED west…Even though, to faithful Catholics; the west is now disgusting and it would be nice to think there is a hero to save us from the evil of our current Godless society.

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