600 children killed in Mariupol Theatre, when Russia bombed it

Editor’s Note: There are a lot of westerners who disclaim this atrocity. Instead of trolling websites like FromRome.info in an attempt to get others to deny reality, I invite you to go to Mariupol and find out for yourselves. No need for us who do not doubt to investigate your doubts. — That should be the response such trolls receive everywhere on social media. It’s the most polite way to respond to their gaming of the news to condone war crimes.

American Ambassador to Poland speaks about War & Putin’s rise to power

Editor’s Note: In addition to the high praise the Ambassador has for Catholic Poland, explaining how the Christian response to refugees was a brilliant economic and political move that is benefiting all of Europe, his comments at about 15 minutes into this video about the rise of Putin to power, explain, how Yeltsin promoted Putin to power. The Ambassador has opened up a can of worms that needs to be explored further. —  I remind you that Putin took a summer vacation in Davos, Switzerland, in 1996. — The Ambassador also lets out that the President of the World Bank is traveling in Eastern Europe, which argues for my theory that one principal reason the Globalists told Putin to attack Ukraine is to gain control over the Ukrainian National Bank.

A Visit to the Catacombs of the Pechersk Lavra, Kyiv

Editor’s Note: I had the great honor to receive a private guided tour of the Monastery of the Holy Dormition of the Holy Theotokos, in Kyiv, Ukraine, this morning. My guide was the young monk, Deacon Nicodemus, who made himself available on the spot, to show me the holiest places in this 1000 year old, cloistered monastery dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.