INDIA: High court rules DeathVaxx obligations unconstitutional

The news about this ruling has been completely censored in the English speaking world, even on so called free  speech engines such as DuckDuckGo which has become a joke.

The mere fact that that search engine is giving no results for this ruling in English, but there is one report is in French, when the ruling was handed down in English and Hindu, speaks for itself.

The key section of this ruling is:

“With regard to the transgression of physical integrity and individual autonomy, with respect to vaccines and other health measures introduced to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, our opinion is that physical integrity is protected under Article 21 of the Constitution and that no individual can be forced to be vaccinated. Furthermore, an individual’s personal autonomy, which is one of the aspects recognized under the protections guaranteed by Article 21, implies the right to refuse any medical treatment in the sphere of individual health.”

The Fundamental Ways that using social media puts you in great personal risk

In this video, Br. Bugnolo explains how Big Tech Social Media platforms control their users’ psychology imperceptibly and how you are a great personal risk using social media, even if you have extensive expertise and experience.  — This video cannot be uploaded to any other platform, on account of the massive Red Pills it contains.

This video is a follow up to Br. Bugnolo’s video about how Russian propaganda is dragging souls into darkness, which you can view here.

The Tsarina behind Biden’s Ministry of Truth

Editor’s note: Content here is good, but Liz Wheeler dresses as a figure out of a future dystopian novel. The Globalists are always promoting their agenda. Always… Ignore her unsound medical advice about drinking milk before going to bed, if you want to avoid developing a stomach ulcer from chronic gastritis. Also, ignore what she says about Elon Musk, because Twitter censorship is even worse for those who expose solutions to globalism.

The Saudis are de facto allies with Russia, when it comes to oil pricing

Editor’s Note: This one is for all who praise Putin and curse high gas prices.

Latest Pfizer Document dump shows their DeathVaxx was never safe or effective

Editor’s notes: There are 80 thousand pages in this document dump, ordered by US Federal Court. So if you find some good summaries or analyses, please post a link to them in the comments below, because it is a lot to process.

Here are some commentaries:

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