May 22-28, the World Health Assembly will give WHO authority to rule every natio

Editor’s Note: This article explains the trick, using the WHO rules, and explains that every nation will only have 6 months to formally disagree with them, otherwise it will cede national sovereignty to the whims of the WHO director, who will be subject to no one else’s authority.

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2 thoughts on “May 22-28, the World Health Assembly will give WHO authority to rule every natio”

  1. Lots of background, but little detail on what we can actually do to even try and stop it. The amount of bad actions coinciding requires a miracle somewhere somehow. We are constantly on the defense. From whom should we seek help: inside traitors/satanists?

  2. If you are in the UK, quickly sign the petition to force a question of this horrific treaty and its implications to the floor of Parliament. Also write your MP protesting the surrender of sovereignty to the corrupt WHO.
    In the USA contact your local Member of Congress and Senator. And send emails alerting all your family and friends that the USA or UK sign this WHO Pandemic Treaty (which go into effect in November of this year) it would cancel national self-determination in the name of medical f@scism under the control of the unelected head of the WHO, which is funded and controlled by Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party. The WHO at any excuse, could “Declare pandemic” and impose Shanghai -style lockdowns on the 140+ nations they hope will sign this catastrophic treaty.

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