A Documentary about the Ukrainian Defense of Mariupol

 Editor’s Note: This documentary is in Ukrainian with English subtitles. — And, this one is especially for all those who think that Russia’s war is justified because there are a few hundred alleged nazis in Mariupol — Even though no Jew has ever filed a complaint in 8 years for being harassed — Because, if you think this, then tomorrow, don’t go to a Church of Jesus Christ, go directly to the Church you have joined, that of Lucifer. Be honest and sincere about your new religion.

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2 thoughts on “A Documentary about the Ukrainian Defense of Mariupol”

  1. As the Ruling Class Elites in the United States RE-DEFINE words in their lying, deceptive narratives to fit their delusional ideologies, so too do the Russians. To Putin, ‘Nazi’ now is defined to include ALL human beings within the borders of the country of Ukraine of all ages, sexes, values.
    To Putin, ‘Nazi’ is NOT a Nazi as the word WAS defined from those practicing adherence to Fascist German Philosophy. How is it possible for anybody in any right spirit of God to see Putin as paladin after viewing this city knowing many thousands to have been murdered and tortured?
    ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ is the ‘Spiritual Illness’ suffered by anybody believing the delusion of Putin being remotely God’s warrior regardless of the current immorality and STUPIDITY of the west. NOTHING justifies this destruction, death, travesty…TYRANNY!!!

    1. I agree that all sides should stop throwing the word NAZI around. But the reason voices on both sides are throwing it around is that these voices are Jewish.

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