Meme of the Week: May 8, 2022 A. D.

Editor’s Note: Notice the date, and think about what the Holy Father was telling us….

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6 thoughts on “Meme of the Week: May 8, 2022 A. D.”

  1. So you subscribe to the “Code” theory & set aside that of “substantial error”?

    1. The substantial error is much less probable on account of the evidence presented by the code theory. But as Barnhardt rightly points out, substantial error does not presuppose malice per se, but error in the intellect, which can arise from the kind of ignorance which afflicts some highly intellectual men. Now since before and even after he became pope, I was and remain an ardent critic of Ratzinger’s theology, as a man — I would dump in the bin any book of his gifted to me — I know well that he suffers from a horrible prejudice against Scholasticism. And though he did his doctorate on St. Bonaventure, I presume he must despise him, because when I gifted him a copy of my translation of Bonaventure, I got only a pro forma reply, when an ardent lover of Bonaventure would have responded much more fervently.

    2. The code always made sense to me, especially when I learned that B16 is an expert Latinist.
      His “announcement” on 11 February 2013 was couched in such a weird construction of Latin that it couldn’t have been accidental.
      The church communicates by symbols, and B16’s “code” communicates that he has been “hiding in plain sight” wearing white, still wearing his fisherman’s ring, still giving Papal blessings. . . .
      Then I learned that he was (Providentially!) behind JP2’s revision of Canon Law pertaining to papal resignations.

      One of these glaring oddities might have been “accidental” –but all 3? Pope Benedict knew in time the penny would drop and regarding Bergoglio, pretty soon most people would realise that “the emperor has no clothes” .

  2. This is my theory. 1. The popes have been able to read the complete third secret of Fatima, but none that has read it, has made a complete disclosure as requested by Our Lady in Fatima. It was supposed to be revealed in 1960, but any attempts to disclose it have not been true. In other words, it has been versions of “something” but not the real context of the secret. 2. Since all the Popes have been able to read the third secret, JP2 and Benedict XVI knew that something was going to happen in the future. Although I am not sure, I think Cardinal Ratzinger knew the secret since he worked closely with JP2.
    3. JP2 as Pope had the option of making changes to Canon Law. Since Cardinal Ratzinger worked on the changes, he was aware of the new requirements for a valid resignation.
    4. On purpose, Pope Benedict XVI scrambled the declaration so that it would be invalid according to the new canon law changes.
    5. My conclusion is that the see of Peter in impeded and Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope.
    6. The result is that God is in charge. God allows bad things to take place when humans stray away from worshiping the true God. In the end, God and good will prevail. Pope Benedict XVI will be restored as the true Pope. Bishop Bergolio will be declared an anti- pope and all his declarations will be declared invalid.
    In the meantime, we must continue to pray and remain true to the true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the only true God, the Trinity.

    1. I think Benedict XVI has read it, and I think that that inspired him to do what he did, because he chose the way which has no human explanation or human prudence behind it, because God willed this, since we are at the end times, and He is disgusted at so much sin in the world.

  3. From the same text of 6Feb 2013 audience by Pope Benedict XVI:

    “……. This happens through Jesus Christ, who goes in exactly the opposite direction to Adam, as is described by the hymn in the second chapter of St Paul’s Letter to the Philippians (2:5-11): whereas Adam did not acknowledge his creatural being and wanted to put himself in God’s place, Jesus, the Son of God, was in a perfect filial relationship with the Father, he emptied himself and became the servant, he took the path of love, humbling himself even to death on a cross, to set right our relations with God. The Cross of Christ thus became the new tree of life.

    Dear brothers and sisters, living out faith means recognizing God’s greatness and accepting our smallness, our condition as creatures, letting the Lord fill us with his love and thus develop our true greatness. Evil, with its load of sorrows and sufferings, is a mystery illuminated by the light of faith which gives us the certainty that we can be freed from it: the certainty that it is good to be a human being.”

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