True Devotion to Christ the King will require radical renewal of Catholics’ Faith

In this video, Brother Bugnolo talks about the profound diminution of the Catholic Faith which occurred as a result of the French Revolution, and how what is being presented to us in modern times, as the way back, is for the most part a pitiful characterization of the pre-Revolutionary Catholic Faith.

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5 thoughts on “True Devotion to Christ the King will require radical renewal of Catholics’ Faith”

  1. Abortuaries are “2nd Generation French Revolution,” being an outcome of its daughter, the Bolshevik one. I am disappointed that due acknowledgement was lacking here of the thousands of men, women & children who have faithfully taken to the sidewalks of the mills over the last five decades, armed, in the main, with but their beads, to take on the powers of hell.
    As to “success,” let us not overlook at least two items: PP itself admits that its killing business plunges when even one soul is out there praying; the “Children’s Crusade” was at once foolhardy & disastrous.
    Regarding 13th c. political considerations, surely these played a part in the minds of such as St Louis IX, but not such as to dismiss a papal appeal.

    The root of an emasculated Catholic ethos lies with the men who held the papacy since 1929, each failing blatantly to obey the mandate of Heaven’s Queen.

    1. It was not my purpose to discuss everything. But Catholics before the French Revolution would not protest in front of an abortuary. They would burn it to the ground at night.

  2. What a blessing and righteous challenge. Thank you. My only criticism is the lack of clarity regarding the demographic profile of a crusader and its contemporary equivalent.I know very little with precision about the crusades.

    My understanding is that the crusader was reasonably wealthy and somewhat similar to the ancient Greek warrior (hoplite?)in social status. Perhaps your already powerful presentation would be amped up even more by spelling out what type of economic, preparatory, demographic, etc profile is needed for OMC. In other words, position descriptions. I know there are some already. Thank you.

    I repeat, i do not disagree at all with the content. Our Lord selected fisherman for a reason based in their traits and qualities he could develop. Ignatious got into the university to get his noble first followers. Hoplites could afford their own armour.People attracted to OMC, i think, reasonably, would like to see themselves fitting in. Your knowledge and background are formidible. For some, it is atttactive. For others it may be intimidating. For others it might br confusing. But an honest Catholic cannot refute the logic, facts, and fruit.

    It took me a lot of digging through your work to better understand who you are in order, not so much to overcome my own objections (I already was persuaded by the merit) but to address the objections of others, see through their excuses and hidden motives and faulty formationd in irder to clarify my own remaining questions.

    What the up front costs are after the plain ticket? Bergoglio and NWO have “fundamentally transformed” all the various organizations to serve their purposes. OMC needs “rainmakers”, material and spiritual of all sorts, who can see themselves giving all to support the others who are giving their all. The non-military volunteer page is in Italian. That sends a message to non-italian speakers who don’t have funds or military or war experience. To me, Fraternus seems the most obvious organization. Before understanding OMC, that was my best hope for fathers and boys who want to be Catholic. Would be great if those guys could hear your signal through the noise.

    1. Ordo Militaris Inc’s website has pages in Italian:

      We are a volunteer organization. Each pays all his own expenses, as I do with the help of my readers at FromRome.Info. This applies to our humanitarian volunteers and to our military volunteers. Of course, at our Commanderies it can happen, if we find benefactors, that room and board be covered by the Order. Perhaps in the future, if we get some volunteers who are fundraisers we can do otherwise. I hate to make financial appeals, and I do it rarely, not like some organizations who do it 24/7….

      The Crusaders were not all wealthy. Yes, those we know the names of were all wealthy, but alongside them came thousands of unnamed men who were volunteers or retainers who willingly followed their lords into battle.

      In my experience, if one risks all for Christ, He always provides. But that kind of faith in the Lord is a grace, which must be asked for in prayer, because it is not a natural state of mind, it is a supernatural state of mind, built on real trust in JC and total faith in Him.

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