3 thoughts on “More on Cardinal Zen’s travails under CCP occupied Hong Kong”

  1. The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong issued this statement:

    Jesuit Bishop of Hong Kong Stephen Chow Sau Yan, installed by Bergoglio, supports medical apartheid in his Diocese.

    Those of us who refuse the jab are excluded from all public Masses and worship.

    And 27 months on, the Diocese continues the lie prohibiting reception of Holy Communion on the tongue “due to the pandemic”.

    Bishop Chow’s predecessor, Apostolic Administrator Cardinal John Hon Tong, was the first Bishop to close churches in his Diocese for public Masses and worship in January 2020. The Anglican Archdiocese of Hong Kong followed suit the next day. This was weeks before the Hong Kong government even required this, and obviously emboldened it to do so.

    And note this was five full months before the much hated National Security Law came into effect.

    The Diocese of Hong Kong has been spiritually very sick, though financially very wealthy, for a long time.

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