2 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo speaks about what true devotion to St. Michael is”

  1. I “met” St Michael at Mont-St-Michele, the island monastery-church off the coast of Normandy. He commanded a medieval abbot to build this place (because God wished it) so that we would have a clue about how he honours & glorifies God his Master. The Abbot took too long thinking about it, and St Michael returned and have him a thump on the head (which left a permanent dent) to hurry him up.
    The trek of ascent up to the church is strenuous and when one finally reaches the apse of the fortress-like church, it is like a cave of winds in the sky, exhilaratingly high above the earth and the sea. Although Mont-St-Michele belongs to the secular French State, one Mass is permitted there a month, and Catholic pilgrims (but mostly not the tourists) find the hidden tabernacle where Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is reserved. I love the austerity of this tabernacle and its placement; it is the plain but dignified tent of the King visiting the encampment of His Field Marshal, General of all his hosts of angelic warriors. The whole place is beautiful, but in a severe military way which emphatically spoke to me of St Michel’s “personality”. He is my late husband’s namesake, and guardian when a combat paratrooper and later commando in WW II. St Michael is therefore my family’s especial patron and protector.
    I sent away for a “St Michael’s stone” from his cave at Monte Gargano, Italy. These stones serve as “relics” for this Archangel, and are an especial manifestation of his care and protection. Excorcists find that having one speeds exorcisms.
    I have mine hanging on the wall to guard the front door of my house.
    I would love to visit his cave/shrine in Monte Gargano; if not in this life, I hope to do so in the next; to give thanks to him for his protection and care of our family.
    I was told that St Michael is the especial guardian of the Blessed Sacrament, and is the Angel who presents the Consecrated Body and Blood of Christ at each Mass and presents them to God the Father. Michael is the angel who escorts souls to the throne of God to be judged. I think of him as the sternly majestic exemplar of “Tough Love” as he executes God’s justice.
    To him is granted the privilege of kicking Satan and all his minions back to Hell forever, and though he is patient through disciplined obedience, waiting God’s command, you know St Michael can hardly wait. . . . .

  2. The St Michael chaplet prayed daily has great promises attached to those who pray it daily.

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