Br. Bugnolo’s May Appeal

UPDATE: In response to this video, Br. Bugnolo is receiving vile messages from persons who are glad he is having difficulties and urge him to stop supporting Christian Families. If you disagree with them, please consider a donation.

Ways to help Br. Bugnolo

His Personal Expenses:

Expenses of FromRome.Info

Expenses of Hermitage of the Holy Cross, Italy:

How to collaborate with Br. Bugnolo in his other Apostolates:

Support our Mission to Ukraine by getting a Flag of Our Lady if Victories >>

Give a soldier defending the children of the Holy Virgin the equipment he needs to survive >>

Donate to our Humanitarian Fund for the Ukraine >>

Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus by a small monthly pledge >>

Volunteer in the Order in a non military or military role, serving side-by-side with Br. Bugnolo  >>

Sign up to our Basic Combat Training program to prepare to serve as a soldier in Ukraine >>


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