British Liturgical Researcher discovers original of ‘Agatha Christi Indult’

Editor’s Note: While canonically one never needed an indult to continue celebrating the Ancient Roman Rite according to the Missale Romanum approved by St. Pius V, since that Papal Bull remains valid until the end of time, English Catholics in 1969 faced with the threat of Pope Paul VI’s mad design to exterminate that Mass from the Roman Church, gathered signatures on a petition to opt out of the Novus Ordo. Among those signing the petition was Agatha Christi.  Read the whole story here below. — The reason why this discovery of the original is important, is that leading modernists and Bergoglians in the United Kingdom and abroad have denied this indult was ever granted. This discovery shuts their mouths forever.

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2 thoughts on “British Liturgical Researcher discovers original of ‘Agatha Christi Indult’”

  1. I’m a bit confused about the significance of this document. Does it mean the Anti-Pope has no authority to remove the TLM from the schedule in any parish throughout the world?
    Some people may be as ignorant to the significance as I…Please inform.

    1. No, its pertinent only to the UK where, yes, those who refuse B16 are teying to negotiate a side chapel in the Bergoglian church. BUT for true catholics its evidence re how frivolous P6 was in forcing his mass on the Church, since he granted this indult as a favor to his favorite novelist.

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